It Isn’t Just A Pandemic. Coronavirus Kills Souls

Coronavirus Kills Souls

During this period, everyone is trying to spread a positive message. Celebrities film themselves doing workouts at home and teachers try to take their courses online. Meanwhile, people get to binge-watch the shows they didn’t have time to before, and others get to play a few of the video games sitting on their shelves since forever. Authorities all over the globe along with scientists and NGOs give examples of solidarity and productivity in these trying times. Despite this, I think SARS-CoV-2 managed and manages to destroy in a way its viral capabilities could never achieve. Coronavirus kills souls. I feel like it can ruin people’s mental capabilities, thoughts, and moods. The pandemic can kill from the inside. Not an actual destruction, though. No, I think the virus helps expose people to the bitterness of life: misery and loneliness.

Coronavirus kills souls? That sounds a bit outlandish and unrealistic.

I’m sorry for the brothers and sisters in more unfortunate countries who hunger, thirst, and are sick. The suffering I’m talking about can’t possibly compare to what they go through on a physical level. Still, I need to state that for the people I will talk about next, food has barely any taste and water merely fuels what seems to be a pathetic existence. Shelter above your head, food, and medicine feel like nothing if the cortex malfunctions. In this way, they feel as defenseless as a civilian in a war-torn country.

The side that the media doesn’t faithfully portray

This text doesn’t have any motivational goal but rather tries to show the flipside of the coin. The torment that the media doesn’t faithfully present. The world was already filled with people who suffered from depression and other mental issues, and my opinion is that the virus only helps to amplify and mutate these conditions in even more twisted ways.

Before the pandemic, people could at least be tricked into believing they were happy. Not by force, but by merely going out, taking classes, having something to do and occupy their mind with. Then, when the lockdowns all over the world came, some were mentally unprepared to do all the work-related stuff at home, for example. For many, it felt like a spiral of endless mental vacation, which proved to be detrimental. For me at least, it was fun for a few days being free of duties and such, but as days passed, it became worse and worse. When confronted with total freedom and a lack of things happening, the inner demons inside a human are allowed to roam free.

At first, folks tried to be positive and keep a smile on their face (click here if you want to read something to cheer you a little). Now, faith is probably just about the only thing keeping some going. Either that or some life inertia and rare moments of punctiform happiness. In the first week of the lockdown, I used to be sad once in a while, but now, I’m happy only once in a while. The balance shifted. I feel that others may not even remember the last time they felt okay. In this way, Coronavirus kills souls.

“But there are a ton of suggestions and advice on how to deal with the quarantine!”

Sure, some would say a schedule or something would help you get on your feet. But what do you do if you can’t get a hold of yourself and do that? The cynics would say: then you lost the fight, you might as well die. Who knows for how long some pondered those words, all while spinning a kitchen knife in their palm or tying and untying the noose. Maybe they didn’t do it yet because they don’t want to make their loved ones sad, or because they’re afraid of the act itself. The optimists would say that life’s about holding on. The Bible gives the same answer: you need to endure a lot. Either way, these hard times that the world goes through now will do a lot of damage to people, some of it irreversible.

One thing I admire about the human race is how much tolerance for pain we can have, be it physical or mental. There are reports of people who sustained heavy amounts of torture, years in fact, and still live. And on the other spectrum, how one can go on despite being given a hint from their parents that they might regret giving birth to them. Indeed, during these times when families need to be together, more may give rise to some incredible tension.

In these times when everyone is supposedly more affectionate and caring towards others, I feel people are distancing even more, paradoxically. Some go all into “survival” mode and forget about their friends, while others just show their true, evil colors. They never cared about their “friends” in the first place. Now, when everything isn’t so comfortable as before, fewer are willing to invest in others more than what is comfortable. It seems that Coronavirus kills souls.

It seems that we’re alone

It would seem that “love yourself” is the word of the day. Because, at the end of the day, a lot of us end up alone, especially during these times. It’s funny that outside you have such nice weather, warm, sunny, loving. But inside of your head, everything seems like it’s about to end. Like the heavens push into your brain with such a force that your eyes want to pop out. Nothing ever seems to nudge you in the right direction, but barely keep you floating.

For whoever reads this, know that not everyone could make something out of this pandemic. Not everyone could be happy. For me at least, it could barely be called living. I fear this pandemic will kill more souls than bodies. Hopefully, we all make it out alive and with as few scars as possible, physical or mental. I received this picture a few days ago and I do not know, sadly, who is the author. But I did cry a little reading it. Even if it’s not nice, my optimistic side hopes you still have a day, rather than no day.

Coronavirus Kills Souls
This thing hit me hard


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