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I was searching for topics to write about but soon I had in mind one question I was particularly curious: Is the US prepared for Coronavirus climax?

We all have looked at America as if it should have been the one that came with a solution for the rest of the world. When I found out the death toll in America surpassed Italy, there was no doubt. America is not ready to fight what Coronavirus has been preparing for the world.

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We all wonder what happens in the world. China is coming back to normal, Italy is minimalizing the deaths. I’ve seen something interesting on the Internet today about the presidential couple: they couldn’t agree on the instructions for wearing a medical mask. Funny to watch, but not funny when you realize those are the persons who are responsible for the country’s well being.

So, my question is, who is to blame for what’s happening right now?

The leaders who have decided the measures. Let’s cut to the chase: Donald Trump hasn’t been the best president of the US. He has been more like a social person if we can say so. Therefore, his image, his Twitter account have counted more than what’s happening with the country. In other words, everything that didn’t threaten his popularity among Americans wasn’t treated with seriosity from his side.

What bothers me deep to the core is the fact that Mr. Trump didn’t even listen to his men. Thank God the power isn’t in one’s hands! He just denied how crucial it was to take strict actions in preventing Coronavirus from spreading in America. He was warned by Peter Navarro, then Alex M. Azar II, health experts, but he ignored everything until mid-March. From there, was too late.

Mistakes the US has done in fighting Coronavirus

Of course, first on the list are medical supply shortages. Equipment including masks, gloves, gowns, and ventilators have become the reason why doctors have reached medical triage: who receives the life-sustaining support and who doesn’t. Maybe, if warnings were listened to at the correct time, the US wouldn’t have been so affected by Coronavirus. Next to the medical supply shortage, we have testing delays, but one of the things the Americans fail to do has been social distancing. Schools were open. Students partying in Florida during spring break. Let’s just be short and say social distancing was a huge failure. And the President’s orders weren’t so helpful because they weren’t as clear as they should have been.

Keeping all that in mind, is the US prepared for Coronavirus climax?

For me, the answer is a crystal clear NO. And I really don’t think I’m pessimistic about this, but a president who is more concerned about his social platforms then his country doesn’t give me any hope. I see the US as one of the states who didn’t take it seriously until it was too late. It’s bad because it had the resources to provide everything necessary to put an end to the Coronavirus outbreak.

I blame Mr. Trump for what is happening right now. There are millions of people suffering. Yeah, of course, Donald Trump can’t be the only one to blame but he could be the one who could have made an enormous change. Especially with Italy as an example. And what makes me question what our leaders are thinking is the fact that the UK seems to follow the same path. You would be expecting some of the most powerful states in the world to pay attention to what has been happening and take better action.

It’s a good thing that at least we have some good governors and we are in COVID-19 times and not plague.


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