Is Korean skincare better than Western skincare?


Disclaimer: The article titled “Is Korean skincare better than Western skincare?” was not written by an expert in psychology or medicine, and should be perceived from a theoretical point of view rather than a scientific one.

You should have heard about Korean skincare, unless you have been living under a rock. When you feel it’s time to change your skincare products and to try something new that’s really good, then I got you!


Korean skincare

It’s been known for years that Asians have been blessed with a great skin. For some of them, this is thanks to their genes, but not for everyone. Actually they take better care of their skin than Americans or Europeans do. In addition, their products have more qualitative ingredients than the rest of the world.


Korean skincare vs Western skincare

Let’s talk a little about the Korean and Western skincare. According to Style Story, the Korean skincare focuses on soothing and nourishing the skin, as well as ensuring its proper hydration. While the Western skincare focuses on peeling the skin to refresh it, the other aims to replenish the skin with the lacking nutrients. The Korean variant adopts a milder approach, without giving much attention to peelings, retinols and strong acids.

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Another great thing about the Korean skincare is that every product has it clear purpose in the beauty routine. It may be mildly applied on the skin, patted, tapped, or massaged into the skin.


The essential aspects

The variety of Korean skincare products may be quite overwhelming, but here are the most important steps from your skincare routine that you must not miss. Let’s start with SPF, you should not skip it. For Koreans, using SPF has become a habit, and this is the reason why they have such a wonderful skin which ages more slowly compared to Americans and Europeans.



The second most important step is moisturizing. Koreans love moisturizing their skin, hence the term “glass skin”. Besides moisturizing serums as hyaluronic acid or collagen, they also use essences that hydrate the skin even more and offer to the skin the effect of glassy skin.


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Double purifying

The final must-have in any Korean skincare routine is double cleansing. This concept was launched by Koreans and Americans and some Europeans have adopted it. They believe that double cleansing, first using an oil-based cleanser and then foam cleanser, removes all impurities from our skin.


Ingredients and formulae

According to Style Story, Korean skincare relies on using innovative and original ingredients and techniques to make new products distinguish themselves from the huge number of competitors. Snail slime, galactomyces, bee venom, ginseng, fermented ingredients, centella asiatica and even lotus are the newest trends.



According to  Style Story, Korean Products are significantly cheaper than their Western counterparts, as production costs are lower in Korea. There is also a huge competition between companies that offer “the greatest products for little money”. The beauty-obsessed Korean ladies are always looking for the “big offer” in skincare. To stay in the trend, most brands keep their marketing costs low and their products at competitive prices.



According to Style Story, innovation is the key for Korean beauty brands, as thousands of companies are fiercely competing. People say that Korea is 10 years ahead of Western skincare technology. There are several reasons for this, but an important reason is that there are fewer bureaucratic obstacles when it comes to bringing new skincare products to market. This enabled the introduction of new ingredients such as bee venom and snail slime.

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Translated and adapted by Irina Pindic


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