Is Cancel Culture the Solution We Need in Our Society?


What is cancel culture?

The term “cancel culture” is quite new and it has become popular in the last 2-3 years. Lisa Nakamura, a professor at the University of Michigan described it as a “cultural boycott”. Canceling someone is usually based on their public statements or actions that are problematic and controversial. For instance, a racist or sexist comment might cause a public person to lose the audience’s support. If you want to read about the most important celebrities that have been canceled, click here.

When someone is canceled, there is more than one outcome. Firstly, their fan numbers fall. Then, the publications refuse to publish any more news about them. Last but not least, their chances of signing any business contracts with anyone soon are very low. In a nutshell, cancel culture slowly erases one from the public eye definitively.

Benefits of cancel culture

Cancel culture can be quite effective. In our present society, we need to be aware of the influence our words have. Especially in pop culture, people have to be very careful when making statements. Political correctness is the goal we aspire to.

This can have a very positive effect on society. It encourages people to use their voices to promote positivity, not negativity.

Consequently, when a person is acting in a problematic way on the Internet, people will immediately react to it. This is what makes it a very democratic system. Moreover, the majority is the ones to make the decision to cancel someone.

Disadvantages of cancel culture

The unfortunate disadvantage of cancel culture is the fact that not all information on the Internet is accurate. Therefore, there will always be collateral damage. In other words, fake news can cause terrible damage to one’s reputation.

Another disadvantage may be the fact that a person doesn’t have any chance at redemption. Once they are canceled, people regard them as completely different. Their image in the media changes drastically and there is no going back. In some cases, this can be unfortunate, since there is always a possibility for people to change their behavior and learn from their mistakes.

All in all, cancel culture can sometimes be helpful and other times it can be quite problematic. It can have detrimental consequences for one’s life. Therefore, the best solution is to carefully consider it, before canceling a person and ruining their image.


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