Is Aaron Gordon the true winner of Dunk Contest?

Aaron Gordon
Aaron Gordon retires from Dunk Contest after he loses to Derrick Jones Jr.

Aaron Gordon decided to retire from Dunk Contest after he lost to Derrick Jones Jr. 

Everyone expected him to be the winner, but to our surprise, HE WASN’T! Even if the fans want to see him try again in the future, chances are this won’t happen. Arron Gordon decided it’s time to stop.

“It’s a wrap,” he said. “I feel like I should have two trophies.” And he is not the only one to think so. Seen as one of the best players in the Dunk Contest, this was supposed to be his second title. He lost in 2016 to Zach LaVine and this year to Derrick Jones.

Gordon and Jones tied in the final round and required two extra dunks to determine a victor. They remained deadlocked after the first overtime dunk, having each earned a 50. Jones got a 48 after taking off one step inside the free-throw line and hammering down a left-handed windmill. He cleared Fall and finished a two-handed jam that only earned a 47 from the judges, according to Bleacherreport.

Even if we are a little sad we lost for the second time, both the players made a huge show on Saturday. Aaron Gordon will still be the best when it comes to spectacular moves.

What is your opinion? Is he the true winner?


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