Ireland: 4 Mesmerizing Places to Visit


Ireland and its culture are two fascinating things that blend perfectly, the result being overwhelming for someone who wants to be a traveler on this wonderful island.

Killarney National Park and Muckross House & Gardens of Ireland

Ireland: 4 Mesmerizing Places to Visit

If you are visiting the Kerry region, the 19th century Muckross House and Gardens, spectacularly located Killarney National Park, should be at the top of the must-see list. Situated close to the shores of Lake Muckross, one of the three lakes in Killarney, world-famous for their splendor and beauty, this former mansion boasts the grandeur and gentleness of yesteryear. When exploring, remember that Queen Victoria once visited here.

In those days, a royal visit was no small business; extensive renovations and redevelopments were prepared, and the details were not left to chance. The house and gardens are a real experience and there are Masked Cars (Killarney’s Famous Horse and Traps) to get you around in style. Adjacent Traditional Farms are also worth taking for a taste of the way ordinary people once lived.

The Killarney National Park & ​​Lakes region is full of beautiful scenery, and any route through it will show sight after view of its lakes and mountains. A highlight in the western part of Killarney National Park is 11 kilometers by car along the picturesque Dunloe Gap, a narrow, rocky mountain pass carved by glaciers at the end of the ice age. The gap separates Mount Purple and its foothills from Maculilcuddy’s Reeks. Another highlight of this national heritage is Ross Castle, an objective you should not miss if you visit Ireland.

The rocks of Moher

Ireland: 4 Mesmerizing Places to Visit

So many superlatives have been used to describe these magnificent Ireland rocks that it is hard to find the right words. For those who have read about Emerald Island before visiting, the rocks will be familiar, as they play their part in countless postcards and guides. However, no image can do them justice.

This is Ireland’s most visited natural attraction and with good reason. About an hour and a half by car from Galway, near Clare County, the rocks are visited by nearly a million people around the world each year. It stretches for eight kilometers along the Atlantic and rises to the highest point of 214 meters. Take a walk along the route to enjoy the raw power of nature at its greatest.

Dun Aengus

You can’t travel through Ireland without visiting the mysterious Aran Islands, located off the west coast of Galway. Their wild beauty offers an extraordinary sample of the landscape that you meet everywhere in Connemara.

These islands have a great cultural load and are unique in geology and archeology. They are an example of Celtic and early Christian wealth. The Aran Islands are deserted, isolated and of rare beauty. When you first arrive on the island, you will feel as if you have gone back in time, to a place where modern civilization has not yet entered.

Dun Aengus is one of the treasures of the Aran Islands and is a stone fort, built on the western edge of Europe, the subject of much speculation about one of the most romantic locations in Ireland. Dun Aengus has been described by many as one of the most magnificent places of its kind in Europe. It consists of three massive concentric semicircles, which cover an area of ​​almost 4 and a half hectares. It has three enclosed spaces, and from the inside, you will see the most beautiful views of the coasts of Inishmore and Connemara.

Giants Causeway

Ireland: 4 Mesmerizing Places to Visit

Known among the Irish as the eighth wonder of the world, this is the most famous landscape in Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland). Here you discover a jagged promontory made of hexagonal basalt columns, created about 60 million years ago by a lava flow. Hexagonal columns formed as a result of volcanic eruptions, which caused a lava flow on the Earth’s surface. The individual columns are so perfectly aligned next to each other that you can see only the smallest cracks between them.

You feel like you’re hiking in a realm of fairy tales full of huge geometric figures. The location is truly spectacular, and this experience will definitely be unforgettable. Below is the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, which stretches over a huge chasm between the coast and a small island. To cross the precipice, you can take it on this moving rope bridge.


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