Internet friends – friendship doesn’t have boundaries

internet friends

So, I think most of us have internet friends, or, at least, had at some point. Today we’ll talk about them and how they can change your life: in bad and good ways.

What did my internet friends do for me?

First of all, they were true to me, whenever I needed to. Lies never got between us, and I’m referring to those who were or are really my friends, not to those assholes who love to talk behind my back and throw bricks at me whenever they feel the need to. I always appreciated the honesty, because I wasn’t able to be honest with myself a lot of times. As a result, I ended up hurting people I loved and cared about, including myself. My internet friends didn’t have any reason to lie to me. And if they did, it was much easier to find out, but it never was the case. They always told me if I were wrong, they always listened to my stories. Also, they told me if I made bad choices or if the situations I got myself into were bad.

Internet friends are always there.

It’s a message, it’s just so simple to respond to it. They always let me pour my soul onto them, I know that even if we haven’t talked in a while, years, maybe, they will always be there. Because a bond that’s so strong remains that way. When you don’t see each other so often or never see them, it’s something else, the connection is much stronger because of the desire to see them more often. They always listen and they always give you advice. Sometimes that isn’t enough and you want a hug and a shoulder to cry on, but, in time, you become stronger with their help, that’s what happened to me. I started to search for things inside of me, to seek support from myself, I started to hold my own hand after I told my internet friends what’s happening with me.

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Internet friends help you develop skills.

You learn so much from them, it’s insane. People from different places, with different habits and passions, they are all books that are waiting to open up. You learn how to socialize, screens aren’t so bad after all, they give you the chance to become more sociable by practicing your social skills. You learn so many things and develop so many passions with the help from your internet friends, I got myself into a lot of music genres and books because of them, I was able to talk about a lot of stuff and I became more emphatic. They are like a family, and when you see them everything’s amazing, the intensity of the feeling is out of this world.

But, what about the bad parts?

One of them is that they’re not here, psychically, with you. It takes time to become comfortable with the thought, it takes time to learn how to hold your own hand. But, in the end, if you’re strong enough, you maintain the bond you have with them and get over it.

Some might actually say you forget about your “real life” friends.

That’s true, in some cases. But this is up to you and how you treat others. Therefore, you should never forget about the ones psychically around you. They are your friends too, maybe sometimes they don’t really know how to act, or what to say, but they’re still your friends and you should never forget that. Try to balance everything and things will turn out just fine.

Be there for the ones you love and care about, be there for whoever needs your help, just be present. You never know when it’s the last time you speak with someone, you never know how people are feeling. Make friends, true friends, in real life and on the internet, loneliness isn’t the key to anything.

It’s good to be alone sometimes, but never lonely.



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