International Cat Day : celebrate and raise awareness


Cat lovers, unite! Created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, today marks what should be your favorite day of the year – International Cat Day. This is certainly a day meant for celebrating, but it’s meaning goes beyond a simple party for our furry friends. August 8 is a special time to raise awareness of the issues that cats are dealing with every day: abuse, carelessness, and living without a home.


Why do we love cats?

Although felines have a bad reputation for being food-driven and aggressive or uninterested in their owners, cats are actually great life companions. This goes especially for children or elders, because they don’t require as much physical exercise as dogs, for example. If they live in a safe, loving environment, any cat can grow up to be a joyful addition to a family. Also, they are beautiful specimens who are rarely camera-shy. So, pick up your camera! Let your kitty pose for her own Instagram profile and use #HappyCat to join the challenge.



What can we do to help them?

As the official slogan for this year’s edition of International Cat Day is “Making Happy Cats” , we should try to do just that. We need to become educated in what cats are as a species, in order to understand their unique personalities and individual needs. This will allow us to properly care for them, giving them the space, attention and nutrition they need.


Supporting local animal shelters and hospitals or adoption centers is also crucial. It’s normal to want to invest in a pedigree cat because of the safety it provides concerning their health and future behavior. But consider all the stray cats who are in desperate need of an owner. They deserve to be treated right, just as much as any other cat. All living creatures deserve a chance to live comfortably. Why not set yourself as an example and save an innocent life?


This being said, take this day as a reminder to show your love and appreciation for your cats. Play with them and spoil them with some delicious treats. Let them know you want the best for them and they will surely do the same with you. Happy International Cat Day!



For more information on how to take care of your beloved creature during the pandemic, check out this article: Keep your cats indoors during this quarantine, specialists advise.

Click here to donate to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, if you wish.



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