Interesting manga titles that are worth reading PART 2


 Here is the second part of this mini-series for all of you, manga lovers! We’ve talked about some rather less known manga titles, but today, I want to give you some more popular ones as well. So, grab your cup of coffee, tea or juice and let us explore once more the interesting world of manga!


Jujutsu Kaisen

 If you are an anime or a manga fan, you must have heard about this series. It became even more popular after the hardworking animators from MAPPA Studio did an amazing job and brought this manga to life. The story is not extremely unique or unheard of. A guy named Yuuji Idatori has his life messed up after he becomes the vessel of a really powerful demon. He swallowed one of Sukuna’s finger and since that’s kind of illegal…he was enrolled into an exorcising academy. However, the art is excellent, the action is enjoyable and the anime is pretty good as well. It’s definitely worth a try!


Oyasumi PunPun

 This manga is not only an incredibly good choice for those who want a plot twisting, incredibly illustrated and told story, is a great candidate for an anime adaptation. The story follows Punpun Onodera, an 11 y.o. boy who gets a bildungsroman story. He begins as a hopelessly idealistic child, only to find out slowly how different the real life is. He realizes that the people he admired are not that incredible and turns goes from a timid young boy to a solitary and isolated individual, out of his own volition. This coming of age saga is not only eye-opening, it also reflects how real life can be really tasteless, lively, dull and plentiful at the same time.



 Are you a fan of a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk and futuristic genre? Then AKIRA is a great manga to read! Written between 1982 and 1990, this series follows Kaneda, a teen biker gang leader and his comrades, Kei, a trio of espers and Colonel Shikishima, who tries to stop Tetsuo, Kaneda’s childhood friend, from awakening AKIRA, a mysterious individual who was responsible of an extremely destructive explosion in Tokyo 20 years ago.


We will encounter a lot of powerful themes, like political corruption, social isolation, power and disaster, all beautifully condensed into a series that will keep you awake at night, reading it. With an anime movie released in 1988, AKIRA became a classic in the world of anime and manga fans! It became the source of inspiration to many art pieces, stories and concepts. I highly recommend this one!



We talked about a futuristic and cyberpunk world in AKIRA, but let us dive back a few centuries, in 1600s. After the Battle of Sekigahara two teenagers, Takezo Shinmen and Matachi Honiden manage to escape and find shelter with two women. In the aftermath of Tsujikaze gang attack the two young men find separate ways of surviving.


Takezo becomes a vagabond and fights off powerful enemies, while Matachi remains in the company of the two women. How these two’s journey will develop in a world ravished of wars, famine and corruption remains to be seen. The only thing we know is that Takezo will become known as a great sword master, under a new name and identity. Being inspired by real-life events, this series will spark interest in almost any of you. So, would you try to read it?


Once upon a time a doctor named Kenzo Tenma had to fight ethical and moral prejudices when he decides that a young child’s life and future is way more important than a mayor life. Slowly, his surroundings become shaky and one by one people are getting killed and every single person blames the little boy. With a thrilling terror, the manga continues on uncovering mysterious plot twists and secrets that have rotten the main character’s ground. Things are getting incredibly complicated, so how will this young boy and dr. Tenma react to everything that happens around them?



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