Improving your mood: 6 simple tricks

Improving your mood: 6 simple tricks

Sometimes you might find it hard to stay positive an maintain an optimistic attitude. It’s common for people to have an off day from time to time, especially when they feel like they have a lot on their mind and the world seems like a bleak and empty place.

Improving your mood: 6 simple tricks

Bad moods can always sneak up on you when you least expect it. Even when you are usually a pretty cheerful person you may discover that some days nothing seems to make you smile. However, you must remember that as grim as your day may seem, there must always something that can make you feel better. You just have to find it.

If you’re feeling down, you may want to check out some of these tricks.

Go for a walk

Nothing compares to some fresh air and a beautiful scenery. You can put on your favorite outfit and choose to spend your morning or afternoon walking through the park or some place you really enjoy. It is the best solution to clear your mind and relax, while being healthy at the same time. I always found it incredibly calming to walk on a pond or close to the water.

Improving your mood: 6 simple tricks

Improve your mood by cleaning your room

Cleaning it’s a great idea to take your mind off the things that bother you. Also, people tend to be more stressed and might experience feeling overwhelmed when their home is messy. A clean and organised environment will definitely improve your mood and make you feel more productive. Nothing compares to the peace and quiet  you feel when you can relax in a spotless room.

Take a long bubble bath

This might seem like a childish solution, but who hasn’t felt amazing after taking a long, warm bath? You can put in your favorite bath bomb, some aromatic salt or essential oil, and least but not least, some bath foam. It will help you get rid of the tension while your skin would  feel heavenly pampered at the same time.  All your problems and stress will just melt away.

Light a scented candle

There’s something about a delicate, sweet or refreshing aroma that can instantly make you happy and warm on the inside. Being surrounded by a wonderful flagrance it’s guaranteed to soothe your senses, and it can give you that sense of harmony and tranquility that is so much needed. What’s more, there is something incredibly relaxing about watching that little light flicker.

Improving your mood: 6 simple tricks


It might sound silly, but when I have an especially exhausting day and I feel pretty depressed I really enjoy laughing with all my heart at some random jokes I found on the internet or just looking at memes in general. Chances are you will find such a good pun you won’t be able to contain the outburst of laughter and might actually forget why you were so sad in the first place.

Have a cup of tea alongside your favorite dessert

This is the best combination in the world. There is no doubt that having a nice cup of warm tea with a little piece of cake beside it will put you in a bright mindset. The best tea that will help you relax are, of course, chamomile and lavender. Moreover, there is something incredibly romantic about using a special tea set when serving your favorite pastries, if you are a fond of these things. The subtle aroma of tea paired with the sweetness of your dessert will surely comfort you.

Improving your mood: 6 simple tricks

Some people also enjoy cooking or playing with their pets as way to relieve some stress. However little step you  choose to follow in order to lift your mood, remember that the most important thing is your will. If you are determined to change your gloomy day and enjoy yourself, while also putting in a little effort, you will definitely succeed.


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