Improve your writing skills in 6 easy ways

writing skills

Whether you are a college student looking to spice up your literary essay, or you are just searching for ways to improve your writing skills, there are a few tips that might help you with that. Of course, there is always room for the better, but practice always makes it perfect! So set up your writing space, make it nice and cozy and get ready to write!

Good Sentences

A sparkling sentence is a basic ingredient of good writing. Stay away from simple sentences when it comes to elevated writing. Keep in mind that a good sentence doesn’t necessarily need to belong. It needs to catch the eye of the reader. Good sentences have the power to coat something rather simple, into something more put together, even complex.

Be Conversational

If you have to write something subjective or you don’t know how to start your next article, be conversational! Include (rhetorical)questions to engage your readers in the so-called conversation. You can even provide answers to those questions. That will make the reader more attentive and it will make your text easier to follow. Don’t forget about the exclamation marks and pay attention to the punctuation altogether. 

Use Flavored Words

The use of flavored words goes hand in hand with a good sentence. Study how to choose “tasty” words to avoid tasteless writing. Of course, you have to pay attention to the register and choose your words according to that. The best way of gathering a rich vocabulary is by reading, reading, and again reading. There is no other simpler way of developing your vocabulary, rather than reading everything you lay your hand on. Reading will help you not only enriching your range of words, but it will also teach you how a well-written text should look like from beginning to end. 

Smooth Transitions

In order to make your text easier to follow, make use of some smooth transitions. This helps your readers glide through all the sentences, paragraphs, or even chapters, without losing the thread of the story. Structure your ideas using paragraphs, subtitles, or any other visual tricks that might improve your text. The structure of the content is also very important. Do not mix up your ideas in one single paragraph and create a clear plot development. 

Writing Soundbites

It is true that not every text may allow such a thing, but it’s worth the try. Use rhythmic or repetitive words to get the text lingering in your readers’ minds. It might not be always easy to create such a sentence, but it surely catches the essence. You might even try and keep a certain rhythm throughout your text. 

Figures of Speech

Of course, the best way to have a catchy text is to insert figures of speech. There are so many that might improve your text, such as metaphors, similes, alliterations, antithesis, irony, personification, and so on. Make abstract concepts concrete and entertaining. The effective use of figures of speech brings to life what would have been mere words, phrases, and sentences. Remember that your text needs to be music to one’s ears.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you have put something on paper. That brings you closer to creating a better text. In order to succeed you need to improve your writing skills. There is no such thing as a bad text. All of them need more or less improvement. So keep on writing!



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