Improve your memory: 9 excellent techniques

improve your memory

There are many techniques to improve your memory and enhance intelligence that can be performed on a regular basis, such as mind training methods, games, physical exercises and food.

Physical exercise stimulates the blood flow and the neural connections in the brain, it enhances memory and learning abilities.

Continuous learning is important to increase your brain power. Learning any new things is efficient for memory boost and for the formation of brain cells.

improve your memory

Listening to music activates the Left Temporal Lobe, which is a brain area associated with memory and speech, therefore music is also helpful for a better verbal memory.

New experiences strengthen the memory, since dopamine is released in the brain when people are exposed to new experiences, and experts claim that dopamine reaches the brain area where memories are stored.

Eating food that is high in omega is important for the brain, since omega is essential creates new neuron cells that are essential for the brain.


Improve your memory with brain exercises

Brain training programs such as mnemonic training is useful to learn and to recall information through association between images, sentences, music.

The mind palace memory technique enhances the ability to remember the details of a certain place and also works for memorizing phrases of any language by associating words with images.

Neurobics cognitive training is effective to improve your memory and involves certain exercises. For example, if you are right-handed you can start using your left hand in writing to stimulate the brain. It improves neuronal connection and prevents aging effects.

Playing brain games such as logic puzzles, crosswords or Sudoku can improve your memory and speed of processing; these games are also effective for  people with mild cognitive impairment. Making calculations and math exercises is recommended to maintain your brain active.

improve your memory


Training your mind and keeping your brain active is vital to increase intelligence, to depend less on the internet and to develop your learning abilities.


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