The Japanese Society – 4 Impressive Facts

Here are some facts to help you get a better understanding of the Japanese culture.

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Have you ever thought about the huge differences between your own culture and the Japanese one? You may have seen in anime or J-dramas some practices considered by many to be strange, such as slurping noodles or not wearing street shoes in institutions such as schools. Here are some facts to help you get a better understanding of this outstanding culture.

  Discipline is Taught in School

From the beginning, Japanese children are taught to clean their classrooms after school. This practice is believed to make children responsible and teach them to respect those around them. So, in middle schools, you will not see a janitor too often collecting the garbage left by children after school.

Here are some interesting facts!

  Respect Your Superior

We have all probably seen in anime or manga the famous “senpai-kōhai” relationship. Well, this relationship is strongly rooted in Japanese culture. Japan is organized vertically, emphasizing the superior-inferior relationship. Thus, in schools, the younger ones respect the older ones, addressing politely, and the older ones have responsibilities towards the younger ones, such as helping them with their homework or initiate them in different activities. Later in their lives, this practice is commonly used at work too.

   Japanese Policy of not Leaving Work Before Your Superior Does

In Japan, it is rude to go home first, especially to leave before your superior does. The Japanese people value work above everything else, and they want to prove that they are always ready to sacrifice themselves for the group they belong to. This mentality leads on the one hand to economic prosperity, but on the other hand, it harms employees who sometimes feel overwhelmed by social norms. We might think that the Japanese employees are very productive, but sometimes they are not, especially during extended working hours.

   What is Not Recommended doing if You Want to Visit Japan

Well, so far we have talked about social norms in the Japanese culture, but if you just want to visit this wonderful country, you should know a few details. For example, Japanese people do not eat on the street because it is considered rude. In addition, in Japan you will not easily find a trash can, so you will have to keep everything you do not need anymore until you find one. Also, do not forget that tipping in Japan is not usual.

So, have you ever considered moving to another country? Or if you want to learn Japanese, here are some useful tips:


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