If rain means salvation for your soul

If humans are like water,
I can see why you change your form, forgetting who you were, taking the “vase’s” form.
If thoughts and water are the same words,

I can see your persona drowning in water every night, looking for an escape.

If pain has the same meaning as ocean

I can see you struggling in an inexhaustible ocean.

If death looks like an abundant waterfall,

Why are you lurking, like fairies, around waterfalls at night?

If love and oasis are synonyms,

I wish you would be cornered by oases, forgetting what dessert looks like.

If rain means salvation for your soul,

I would make it rain every day, just for you.

If floods are the autumn’s characteristic,
I wish you wouldn’t feel the season nostalgia so that your eyes wouldn’t be inundated with floods.


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