I was born in the color of white

color of white

I was born in the color of white. I was born with no clothes on when a naked body was just a naked body. The color of white wasn’t my skin; it was the innocence of a child.

I was with her when I first thought of this. She was in love with the snow. Not the snowflakes, not the snow-storm; with the snow. The color, the density, the cold feeling.

She loved it and I wondered why.

Why do people like snow so much? Was the color of white which made it so special? Was the freezing sensation you get when you touch it? And when I asked her, she told me it was the beauty in simplicity. It was a color that gave inside peace, reminded her of herself. Maybe.

But I didn’t see snow like that. She was right, though. But that wasn’t all. It was something in its color; it was something about the white. It shows the purity, the innocence, the fertility. But As much as you get a peaceful feeling when you watch it, you can also see every mistake. That’s what the snow does. It shows you the ugliest parts of a human’s touch. You can see the muddy footprints or the small footprints from birds; you can see all the holes when people jump in the middle. You can see what people are capable of; the bad things.

And that’s exactly why I hate it.

You can see every step you take on that sheet of snowflakes. You can see the mud; the mud you took there. The beauty left as people came along. See? Snow shows us how people destroy everything. Snow it’s just a reminder that humankind is not so kind as we think, and the thing we love the most, the snow, shows us how toxic we are by letting us taking away its purity. So why do you, people, love it so much?

Because, at the end of the day, snow it’s just water, and people are attracted to the unknown. The water is the sea and we love its mystery. But the thing with the sea is that not even the sailors know its deepest secrets; they fear them. So why would you like to know them? The further you go, the darker it gets, and the more stormy it goes, the more vulnerable it becomes. The sea got its own flaws. It’s all about its foam, its waves. They show only when it is insecure. That’s people’s vulnerability: it came in the purest form – the color of white.

And maybe that’s why you are so attracted to the water. And maybe that’s why you are so attracted by the snow. It’s not about its mysteries or how you are ruining it, it’s about the similarities – the vulnerability when our purity is taken away.


But what if you were born in the middle of the snow? I was born in the flames of the summer, but I fell for the snow. I am in love with the water.


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