I realized that I’m going to be judged… For nothing! – Raul Peterlin

I'm going to be judged
I'm going to be judged

I realized that I’m going to be judged… For nothing! My own conscience tells me that I usually have to be malleable. To behave textbook with those around me or with me. But, usually, it all ends by realizing that if I want to reconcile all parties I will get a bad recipe for something inedible (here: mistakes). I realized that whatever I did I would be judged!

Why do I think that I am going to be judged?

I think that here one can respond with … “Why not?”, because we are free to express our own opinions and beliefs, values ​​or principles. Without this freedom of expression, indeed, everything would be gray, but even as rainbow as it seems, it’s not very good. So why not be judged if anyone can say anything?

I believe that the “ Academy of basic family education” should intervene in this problem

Which can only create a balance and higher equity between judgment and opinion expressed or critical. By the way, criticism is not just what we think, but its multiple interpretations can offer extremely warm shades and provide us with an eternal mirror of our actions and thoughts.

I will also be judged for the glass of water I quickly drank and some cold droplets got on my chest, soiling my shirt or jacket, of course I will be labeled as “greedy” or “haphazard”, even though during the day I might have endured a terrible thirst. Here comes the first part of the problem: People judge the moment, not the causes and effects.

When you have stepped wrong with your girlfriend and stained your shirt with strawberry jam, she may try to wipe it off, smiling under your nose, thinking that you are not paying attention and are unskilled.

Instead, it can make you feel stupid, even leave you, labelling you “moron”, and we all know, women really love to be protected, loved, ignored, gossiped… And one who pours strawberry jam on him can’t secure that, can he?

Obviously, I’m kidding, but there are some very confusing cases, and we probably think it’s a cuddly, even stupid gesture. Well, people who think without reason are like their gestures. Due to terms that I do not fully control, I resort to removing any threat from the beginning or would have any doubt regarding the subject.

How do I respond to the judgment?

Above, I have provided two common and general examples. But, as I said, the conflict that generates judgment is the same: basic. Another issue characteristic of the problem is the fact that people like gossip and entertainment .

Think about watching a TV show, where guests talk with sweet words and formal accents. Normally, you change the channel and you think “Look at all these know-it-alls!”, and you change the channel to where you see some bare feet and a pretty good presenter but with guests from the mundane environment that know what to do: rating, scandal and provide said entertainment.

There the terms change.

You see something even God likes, you listen to gossip … You look like you are in an eighteenth-century Phanariot cafe, and the belly dancers are pouring rum down your neck while you boringly smoke a Cuban cigar. And you don’t pay attention to the details and judge only one’s appearance. When people are careful, they no longer judge the whole, but only small parts, which can also be called “strengths” or simply “pleasures”.

How could I or you not be judged, when everything around us is limited to the hue of things. Everything is reduced to subjectivism and most of the time … hypocrisy? Let us remind ourselves that those of us who associate our morality with the short chest hair  judge and evaluate by “eyeballing” it according to their own pleasures. How can someone not judge me when I’m wrong or when I do something that seems wrong to some?

I convinced myself. Whatever I do I will be judged! If I take everyone seriously, I’m gonna go crazy.

I will get fed up and go out at sea, surrounded by seagulls and I have dry and salty lips. I want to end this article by giving you a tip: If the people close to you judge you, consider the situation from both sides. Most likely they will only want your good.

It’s not easy being judged for your choices. If you want to read more about this, check this article!


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