I realised that sometimes even God doesn’t believe in us!


“All of you who say you don’t believe in God, you just try to look cooler .” I heard this from one of my teachers after I gave him my own opinion.

So, dear society, we were born to do research and learn.
We have our own thinking, but most of the time, people are implementing ideas into our subconscious. We tend to believe them without a doubt. Later, our thinking becomes dependent. But I’m not judging you for that. So why do you judge us, the “cool ones”? What does a dependent mind mean? Very simple, it’s when you think, but you don’t do research. And when I say research, I’m not referring to just one source, such as the Bible.

I got to be so criticized because I chose to come up with an idea of my own: “Do you believe that this faith has reached the right place? Do you think you have faith in your soul when you’re posting pictures of saints on social media?”

This was the case with the fire in Australia.

Photos over photos of “Pray for Australia”, but did you think that you didn’t solve anything? Change your polluting lifestyle (stop buying so much plastic, find solutions to reduce waste), I assure you that only then you will truly help the world created by God. In vain you pray for nature if after that you throw the garbage on the ground. Stop being so hypocritical!

The posted photos about praying are just an illusion. They didn’t help with anything! Wake up to reality. This is the online environment, in fact, things are a lot more different.

A few years ago I started to read and watch as many documentaries as possible. My mind started to develop, which is normal from the moment you decide to do personal development. I realized how strong the crowd effect is.

How? I got there without realizing it. Then I started to ask a lot of questions about my existence and how I could get to know myself better. I didn’t say that I have reached a final answer, maybe I will never reach one. And, of course, I didn’t give up on the idea that there might be a divinity like God. I just chose to get out of the crowd, to know myself, to read about regression, spiritualism, and meditation. You, as a person who didn’t feel the need to discover, stagnate, because we will not come to you to help you up. We are rational.

Before all of this, I was against churches.

First, “You shall not make for yourself a carved image” sounds like the second Commandment. But you go and worship, and even kiss them. But wait, my girls, because I can’t understand. I documented myself, and your arguments sound like this: “As for the icons, which paint the Mother of God and the saints, the believer also does not pray to the figures on the wood, but to the Mother or the Saint from Heaven, who stand near the throne of Christ, to intercede with Him for us. Prayer is therefore addressed to God, through the icon. ” I’m not a logic expert, but the arguments with what the commandment says are totally contradictory. And I say these to show you that I (we) have the necessary arguments to contradict you on this topic.


Just think about how many spiritual things there are. Have you ever heard of Deism? It is a philosophical-religious orientation from the seventeenth-eighteenth centuries, which recognized the existence of God only as a primary, impersonal cause of the world, denying the idea of ​​embodying God in a person and the thesis of His intervention in the life of nature and society.

I’m sorry, but from my own experiences, especially when I was reading the Resurrection, the older women were simply pushing themselves and they would have to stand up for the so-called “light”. And hearing from a priest, “Get away from your parents only if you distance yourself from religion.” Well, how’s that? Doesn’t religion tell us to love one another?

Again, I don’t have a clear answer on this subject, but I love my neighbor and I do not steal. Therefore, I see faith as a connection with nature, animals, freedom, and love. A balance in everything that the ecosystem means.


If I choose not to believe in something 100%, it does not mean that I am a bad person. Do you truly believe it yourself? Then please do good to the people around you, the church and stop pointing fingers when a person is not dressed properly. For it is said that before God we are all equal. A quote that may inspire you is: “In the past, people had golden hearts and wooden crosses, but now the crosses are made of gold and the hearts are made of wood.”  Signed, a girl who loves everything that means kindness and love.

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Author: Moldovan Lorena


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