I love figure skating, and you should too!


Even though I’m not quite into sports, I love figure skating! Almost like ballet, to normal people, it looks so effortless and graceful on the stage. But these sports require very hard exercise. Therefore, here’s something about this sport:


When you perform figure skating, you skate on ice. You dance on ice. You do a backflip, you get the point. For this specific sport, there are specific blades for performing footwork, jumping, and spins right round. There are also specific techniques, with the outside and inside edges, but that’s another story.

There are a few types of figure skating, including singles, pair skating, and ice dance. Competitors’ costumes must be decent. Sadly, skating is an expensive sport, and not paid enough compared to other types of sports. Also, it is very dangerous while performing.

Some history

 Jackson Haines seems to be the first figure skater since the 19th century. He modernized some aspects of the figure skating we know now. It was the first winter sport that got into the Olympics, with its debut in 1908 at the Summer Olympics. Unfortunately, the sport interfered with the two World Wars, therefore it kind of decline in the eyes of people. But television played a big part in its promotion. Americans, Canadians, and Russians were the leading nationalities participating in figure skating. Nowadays, it is almost the same, but Chinese competitors are also the best, next to Americans and Russians.

Of course, scandals

Many of you heard about the movie “I, Tonya”. It’s a movie about Tonya Harding, one of the most known figure skaters. She was American, raised, and pursued by her mother to take skating classes. Even though she was famous for her excellence in sports, having 3 record-breaking performances, one thing was weird. Before one of her performances, her ex-husband injured her competitor (Nancy Kerrigan). When she was interviewed, she said that she was not guilty. Then changed her confession into something that made people think she was the one who had the idea. Either way, that was not good for her career.


Besides all this, figure skating is very gracious and interesting to watch. If you don’t believe me, just search Grand Prix of Figure Skating, and check out the anime “Yuuri!!! On ice” (it’s about figure skating. Also, “I, Tonya”.



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