I am underage, but if I could vote…


We are, mentally, controversial adults with some deregulated secretions and we act accordingly. We like making wrong choices and learn from them. Yes, we are against everything old and we are perceived as uninterested ones, lost or simply… uneducated. Yes! In this digital era, where if you don’t know how to use a gadget it means you’re dead, and they still say you are uneducated. Moving on. If I could vote…

Disclaimer: I am underage, and in this article, you won’t find any political agendas, manipulation, persuasion, just my personal opinion that I decided to share with you. To be clear, I need to say that I don’t want to influence your own choices!

If I watch Facebook I see a bitter debate between two parties.

On one side are two people and the action that centers around them, and on the other side are their sympathizers because they are the candidates who passed the first voting session. Everything seems to be an action movie with a bad ending, but an ending that, in its absence, would have rendered the movie pointless.

The idea that circulates is that you need to choose the lesser evil.

If I could vote...

As I cannot resist, I had the initiative of writing comments, reactions or shared posts just for my amusement. However, as Pavlu says, enough with the jokes! The blood thickens in our veins from laughter, while the TV remote surfs down the belly. Well, at least mine, because I have a big belly. Forget about jokes and insults for a moment and let’s focus on what matters: the situation of a country.

I’ve researched nearly all of the candidates that seem eligible for the second round of voting. I came to a very important conclusion: All want the truth, all want change.
Do you know what they don’t like?

To make it happen faster. In my opinion, a President should be an employee of the state, not a master.

I’ve noticed that humans are changing like the weather. I felt on my own how it is to be lied to and manipulated. I saw how advertising and public relations favor someone and vilify others. If I had the right to vote now… do you know what I would’ve done? I would go to vote like a good citizen and I would stay like half an hour in the voting booth.

I would even request another ballot paper, arguing that I stamped the wrong way. Then, I’d vote again, to be sure that I’ve voted using my own will and rationality. I would advise that you should know your option beforehand, trust yourself and the person you choose.

When elections will take place again (in Romania), I will be about 22 and I’ll probably be done with a University already. If I won’t lose my mind till then, I’ll remember that in 2019 there were elections. I’ll remember that others voted the representative of the country. In the meantime I had analyzed the candidates, I’d read about them and if I’d have had the right to vote, surely I would be stamping as a citizen first, and as a Romanian second, one who desires a change for the better.

Unfortunately, I am underage and you need to be 18 to vote…

If I had a little more luck, I would have been on the list of citizens eligible to decide who paves the way for our country.

By the way, do you know the attributions of a President? In short, they represent you externally and internally, they promulgate or abrogate laws and they’re the head of the army. If you know who is the right choice for President, go and exercise your right. Forget the fact that some people don’t know who they really want to vote with, or that some votes are bought. Forget that some people just do it for others, or because they don’t want to seem strange.

Just do it for your future, it is all we have left. If you like politics, try reading this article! You won’t regret it!

Be the change! Be the voter! That’s the only way we can win a future!



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