Hydration: 4 reasons why you should drink more water


Although you see government supported advertisements advising citizens to drink at least 2 litres of water every day, a lot of people often forget that and just go through the day without drinking an optimal amount of water. Hydration is very important to the human body (and any living being, really) and while our bodies can withstand some water deprivation, there are effects to not drinking the minimum 2 litres of water. Sure, you might need to go to the toilet more often, but that shouldn’t be a massive issue.

Lowered risk of kidney stones

Have you ever heard horror stories from older relatives that have had kidney stones? Or perhaps you’ve read a horrifying story from a person that ignored signs of pain and ended up with gigantic kidney stones that had to be cut out of said person? Right, maybe you haven’t, but some people have.  It is a classic scare tactic, but think about it: why would you increase your risk for kidney stones? Drinking water is quite pleasant anyway. Passing kidney stones is not.  Your body will thank you later for increased hydration every day.

Cracked lips are a total pain

Instead of constantly buying lip balms under different brands that ultimately don’t actually help, try drinking more water. It’s not guaranteed to work – sometimes the cause for the cracked lips is something else entirely. However, it doesn’t hurt to try. Even just a tiny sip of water can bring back some moisture to your lips and they might not crack anymore. At least if they don’t crack and bleed anymore, you might see an improvement!  Proper hydration is very important for other tissue in your body as well.

Your skin will be better moisturized

Sure, it depends on your skin type primarily how well moisturized your skin is. If your skin type is generally dry, you can’t change that overnight by drinking more water.  With aging, your skin type also changes, but it depends on the person how drastically it can change.  It is still recommended to use good moisturizers for your skin – on your face and on your body – but simple proper hydration can help bring back a stronger moisture barrier to your skin.

While on some medication you need to be careful with hydration

This is obviously different from one individual to another, but this is something to consider. Some medication absolutely requires that you hydrate yourself properly. With other types of medication, it might be easy to forget. For example, certain psychiatric drugs may give unpleasant side effects normally in the adjustment period, like light-headedness  or weakness, and these may be felt stronger if you are not drinking enough water.


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