Humanity: 9 amazing things people do that I love


Time goes by and sometimes I feel like I’m losing my faith in humanity, but these people always show me why I should try one more time. I’m that kind of person with such a big heart, and it’s not that I refuse to see the bad in people; I’m more than aware of the darkness of this world, but I know I can trust humanity because of the way I love and care and because I still see around me people who do the same, people who love and show their love for the world.


I’m talking about animals, about the fact that you offer a home to that soul. The fact that you saved them and you take care of them. You feed them, you play with them, you love them with all your heart, and appreciate every day you spent with them.


I find jewelry and phones, laptops, or any other electronic, a gift that you physically need. I love when people do handmade stuff, like mugs, bracelets, embroidery stuff, necklaces. These are the things that feed your soul, portraying humanity. You look at them and they tell you a story, they remember you of a good moment, a good day, a good person.

I find it very nice when I see this in humanity: rocks as gifts and also, plants. I love rocks, for me they express originality, they give me energy, they feed my soul. I like it when I see someone with little rocks on their jewelry. When it comes to plants, I just love when someone gives me a plant. Because I’m new in the neighborhood because they like me because it’s a special day because they thought of me when they saw that plant because they remembered I love plants.

It’s a little gesture that gives such good energy. That plant, the fact that I can take care of them like I take care of their feelings for me, means a lot. I treat that plant as a living soul.

Humanity: 9 amazing things people do that I love


Sometimes I do this on purpose: I go to a park and wait for them. For the old couples who are still holding hands. For kids who are running and holding stand and still, they don’t let go. When I see couples and they are holding hands it reminds me that there is still hope, there is still love, there is still proof of sincere humanity, we just have to be patient and appreciate it. For me is one of the supreme gestures of love.


How nice is it for us, as humans, to celebrate each other’s day of birth? Being excited, bringing gifts, and not just any gift, a gift full of love and appreciation for that person. We spend our time celebrating another human’s existence.

Humanity: 9 amazing things people do that I love


How can you not appreciate a person who’s so excited to decorate anything? That person is so happy because he or she has the energy, time, and inspiration to do that. They do that with all their love for life and I find that such a warming feeling. They give me a good feeling like I’m safe around these people. I love seeing happy and excited humans doing what they love.


Having the ability to dance, to move, to express yourself, is simply amazing. You laugh, you smile, you can read it by your face that you’re happy and that you’re having such a good time. It doesn’t matter that you’re alone or at a party, you’re happy and it shows. Moving around, moving by the rhythm of your heart, this thought brings me a lot of joy as it is one of the purest parts of humanity.

Humanity: 9 amazing things people do that I love


We can make each other laugh by a simple word, expression, joke, and having this power, to make someone else have such a good time and make them fall in love with life by laughing, I just, I have no words. It’s beyond my ability to express myself. If I can make someone else laugh, and that person enjoys life so much at that moment, I win at life, I’m proud of myself. It makes me love humanity. This how you fall in love with life, by laughing.


Reading another person’s thoughts? An amazing thing that humanity does. Reading about what they felt in that moment, what was on their mind, gives you a little piece of their soul. Writing down about your feelings and your thoughts, giving others the chance to know, to know the version of you that wrote those things, isn’t it amazing? These things remain forever, it’s like your soul will be forever on this Earth.

Humanity: 9 amazing things people do that I love


Watching things and appreciating them: what a great way to enjoy your day. It may be a sunset, it may be your best friend driving and in the background is your favorite song, it may be a cat you see on the street. It may be your favorite place, coffee shop, people passing by, anything. Anything you see, take a moment to watch.

Appreciate what’s around you, that moment will be gone forever but the memory will stay forever in your mind. All of these things make me feel like there is still a chance, that I should not give up on humanity, at least not yet. There are still people out there who appreciate life as I do.


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