Humanitarian Cry for Calin Ioan

Calin Ioan
Calin Ioan

Color. Music. Dance.

These were the words that defined the life of the human near and dear to you. This was before he found that an enemy pounced upon him and wouldn’t leave soon. I write to you, the one healthy and strong, you, who go about your normal day and do what you please. I don’t write to you to have pity on me, but to help you. To help you realize what a wonderful life you have, how many beautiful things surround you and how grateful you need to be. I write hoping to stir something in you, offering this way a helping hand to one of the 700.000 Romanians who suffer like him. This is the number of Romanians who are diagnosed with cancer. It’s alarming, and we can only stop it through sheer goodwill. Today, I want to talk about a particular human. I don’t know him personally, but I’ve found out a lot about him lately. I feel like I’ve known him forever. He is Calin Ioan, an 18-year-old young man who has a difficult fight. Metastatic squamous cell with 12 genetic mutations, in short, colon cancer in metastasis. “How could this disease transform me so much in just a few days…”

These are his words regarding the sickness that has destroyed one of the most prosperous and important periods a human can have. There are many people just like Calin Ioan, who have a similar disease.

Calin Ioan

All those who want to contribute to help this young soul may donate here, to Lita Cucu, Calin’s father: RON: RO64 INGB 0000 9999 0984 4095
EUR: RO29 INGB 0000 9999 0984 4143
BIC: 606410008

He was transferred to a hospital in Turkey…

He puts it this way: “I come from a modest family in Mușetești, Argeș County, Romania. My parents’ salaries are not enough to cover the costs of my treatment. Mom resigned from work to be here for me. My father is the only one who brings in money, and it’s the minimum wage.” His family started raising funds on Facebook, as a first step, and it was rather beneficial!

I say that the planet is fundamentally built by evil people. Egoistic and cold. The world is a haven of evil, of rushed steps, of quick stolen kisses. I assume what I say, but I don’t assume the people. My people are only those who see the good, those who look beyond the pair of flashy eyes. Beyond the fake smile, beyond three pointless words. Surprisingly, I found them in my city.

Humanitarian Cry for Calin Ioan

You’d say that there is nothing more beautiful than that? There is!

They have shown that, besides this angelic soul of theirs, they know how to offer a gram of hope to a child at the crossroads of life. We rallied for our Calin Ioan and participated with sums of money to fund the necessary treatments. Now, Calin is on his third chemotherapy session, and his body reacts positively to the treatment. Moreover, in a few weeks after finding out, we prepared a charitable show where we each left part of our soul. We demonstrated empathy, love, and kindness are traits that win in any situation, every time.

We’ve shown that together we can succeed. That humanity still exists, that we’re not just walking bodies. We’ve demonstrated that, besides our superb voice that springs from some talented kids, besides our wonderful dance steps, besides interpreted scenes inspired by reality, we’ve kept hope alive. We’ve also kept the desire to help alive, to do good.

Through empathy, we’ve shown the greatest qualities: kindness and mercy.

My dear ones, I know that what I say may sound science-fiction. However, a single second from your routine can be invested to save lives. An insignificant second for you, but so precious to those in need. We only need a moment to initiate a whole process, an outburst. A signal of alarm from the soul that spreads kindness around. That’s all! It’s so simple, and yet so hard to offer.

“I don’t want to die!”

“I want to be with my family, to follow my dream…To live!” This is Calin’s message, our young man, as well as all humans that bear the weight of suffering and cry for help. Therefore, please, let good erupt in you! Do kind acts more often! Donate to people what they need! Offer as much as you can! Give life a chance! It’s so simple! Let humanity define you!

Your life should matter the most, your health should be your priority, both mental and physical. If you want to know more about this topic, I invite you yo read this article.

Author: Cristina Gabriela Ionescu



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