How to redecorate your bedroom


As most of us are starting classes online, we will be spending a lot of our time in the comfort of our own homes. Even so, being in the same space for days on end can bring about monotony. How can you avoid this situation? Why not make a few changes and redecorate your bedroom?


A well lit, open environment is essential to give off an all around good mood. Therefore, a simple yet effective way to brighten up any room is to paint the walls white (or any other light color). Also, it’s even better if you have a big window with sheer curtains. If not, you can always add a big lamp on your desk, or some string lights over your bed.

How to redecorate your bedroomHow to redecorate your bedroom

How to redecorate your bedroomHow to redecorate your bedroomUSB Fairy String Lights with Remote & Power AdapterHow to redecorate your bedroom

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A no-brainer for most people, adding plants to your living space will create the appearance of liveliness. In addition, the color green is known to improve concentration and relaxation, thus helping you study and become more productive. Potted plants are great because they give you the opportunity to be responsible for their growth, while also acting like an eye-catching decoration. If you don’t have a green thumb, artificial plants could be more your style.

How to redecorate your bedroomHow to redecorate your bedroom

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Choosing a color scheme for your room could give it a whole new look. So, based on your preferences, you can match your bed sheets with the curtains, a rug, or some decor pieces. Textures and patterns are also crucial to create harmony in a space. Depending on your style, you could go more minimal, with simple materials and neutral colors, or more eclectic, by mixing and matching. Check out some Pinterest boards for more inspo.




Give your room a personal touch with anything that speaks to you. Print out some pictures of you with family and friends, pets or places you’ve visited. Paint something yourself and hang it on the wall. Some even like to create their own mood boards, where they attach things that inspire them or that they would like to achieve in the future. If you have issues with motivation, this could certainly help visualize your goals.



Your room is your sanctuary. Make it as cozy and comfortable as possible, and you’ll be sure to have the best time there. I hope my suggestions on how to redecorate your bedroom were helpful and you try them out for yourself!

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