How to organize your stuff in 6 easy steps

6 easy tips on how to organize your stuff
You have to learn how to organize your stuff at home so that you have some order in everything you do.This way you know exactly where everything goes and you can find it easily and quickly so that you can get everything done.

1.Label everything at home

If you have some boxes laying around,put some things,on categories in them and label everything accordingly.How to organize your stuff at work

2.Make use of the space under the bed

You can store anything that you want out of sight.You can either get a bed with drawers,or put some boxes under the space of your bed.

3.Use the walls

The walls are usually empty,besides some paintings hanging around,so why not make use of that space?We can easily hang baskets on the wall and make some storage room out of them.

Wall4.Get rid of everything you don’t wear or use anymore

Everything can seem important at first but u need to use a simple rule in order to figure out what to give away and what to keep:did I wear or use this in the last year or so? If the answer is no then it is most likely that you are not going to in the future.There can always be someone that needs what you own and don’t use,more than you.

Also,by using this method you can simply enter your stuff into a cycle of new-worn-unused-new,and bby doing this you are saving space and wearing or using something new every few other months or years.

5.Put lists and reminders hanging everywhere


In order for your time to be more organized,you can hang anywhere you find,reminders and lists,so that you know what you have to do,who you have to see in the upcoming days.

By doing this simple task,you can manage your time better and smarter.

6.Put your outfits and your stuff aside the night before

You may have to wake up early and maybe you are too tired in the morning to pick up an outfit fitting with your style and with the temperature outside.The same thing goes with your lunch,your bag.

You can get rid of this by planning everything in time,and this way you are looking amazing the next day,you have everything you need at school or at work and you are saving time in the morning.


Besides your now organized room you can put your signature in your home space by adding some led lights,some paintings and by hanging pictures of you and your friends.

How to organize your stuff in 6 easy steps



You need to be organized at home in order to be organized in life.


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