How to not be a jerk on Internet


We assume if it burns, but this is our opinion! For the first time, we offer you a small pocket guide on a journey through the world of absurdities: How not to be a jerk on the Internet – the beginner’s guide!

Today, dear readers, we have come to do, indeed, a sorrow and to pour some tea on you.

We see absolutely every day all kinds of young people’s posts on the Internet, on social networks or a file sent by friends or family and we are totally amazed by the nonsense we have to read.

Are you tired? Rest assured that we too!

We have reached the extreme, we no longer want to see or read all kinds of pigs, we want to learn, evolve and help. But how do we do this when we are surrounded by ignorance and people with an IQ of 80?

Cultured, intelligent people stand in the dark for fear of the limited, hide from reproaches and hope that everything will return to normal. Thus the young people of today become ignorant, careless and to be honest, stupid.

We’re not trying to offend anyone, but for real, that’s the reality.

People simply do not understand that it is so simple. How not to be a jerk on the internet? What does that really mean? It means that people do not know how to express their personal opinion.

Does it sound familiar to you?

I also mentioned the neighbor from three, makes the poor pair with aunts who sells market nuts this time. These women know how to express their opinion and argue in their own way and what they say.

Why can’t we? Well, why are there people who can’t?

Opinion is by its definition an idea, something that goes through your head at time X. For example, now you think about why you keep your eyes on the phone and read this article madness. I captivated you, didn’t I?

It was a word that the fool gives his opinion, a more eastern one has a solidly argued opinion.

It was, it was, but this is still current. Yes, in order not to be a jerk on the Internet you MUST support what you say, have arguments, do not get out of your way.

We simply do not understand what it is so crazy to be a normal man and not to throw stones at everything you see. If you throw at least make it a target. And by that I mean to strengthen your opinion.

Is it so hard to respect people?

We are people with a common purpose: to support ourselves. We do not say to support the girl who gives the handcuffs up to 3 in the morning if you do not like. We propose to be tolerant.

T O L E R A N T.

Tell him, concretely, why he is upset by his actions. Give it a reason (stupid example, we know, who doesn’t like stupid party songs that Romanians love at 3 in the morning?).

Don’t laugh at the work of others!

If the person felt good when writing an article and also made others feel good, do not ignore it if you do not have a point of view that is worth noting. Don’t chase one’s passions, life, personality if you can’t tell and why you do it.

How can we get rid of this? Simple, put your mind to the contribution.

To know that if you post something intellectual, something that can help someone, some useful information will not come to you in the house. What’s more, you can help people grow, something that is always welcome. But if you start throwing left and right with offensive comments and decapitating the work of others, find that you are wasting your time.


Because of being an idiot and trying to stop writing any embarrassing comments that make us question ourselves. It’s not good if we get to ask ourselves whether he wrote a gorilla or a human being.


You also read a book from time to time and compare things, do not spoil having another vision on a situation, do not sit like a lock in your comfort zone, get rid of stupidity. Read carefully if you keep doing it, do not judge until you are informed.

And last but not least, be human!

God has given you (or in what deities the world still believes in here) mouth to speak, not to sprinkle with venom!

Be rational, but do not fall into pain! The change is you!

Authors: Georgiana Badea & Laura Birgaoanu


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