How to make your cat happy in 3 easy steps

Your cat

Cats are wonderful creatures. And by my latest experience with being a dog sitter (which I truly and absolutely enjoyed, by the way), I realized that cats are the best pets in the whole world for so many reasons. Not only are they amazing fur babies whose sole purpose is to bestow grace and beauty on the world, but they are also very caring, and truly easy to take care of. For this reason I can certainly see myself having cats for all of my life, as they are truly a blessing from the skies.

But considering how much happiness our perfect furry friends bring about in our lives, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we also did more things to ensure their happiness? I myself try to keep my cat happy at all times as she is always bringing a smile on my face every single time. So I summed up a list with the best simplest things you can do to ensure your feline friend lives a happier life than ever before.


1.Spend more time with your cat

This is as simple as it can be, but it really means the world to them. Although they are known for being introverted animals, cats appreciate spending quality time with their humans more than you might think. It really does not matter how many treats and toys I bring home from my outings. Nothing makes my furry friend happier than simply spending time with me, as my absence truly affect her simple routine life. So no matter how busy you may be, try to find some extra time to spend with your cat as well. She will be so much happier if you do.

2. Let your cat sniff valerian root or catnip

Valerian root and catnip are widely known to make felines very happy. Speaking from experience, my cat is not that much into catnip, it hardly has any effect on her; but she is totally in love with valerian root. I take valerian root for its stress reducing benefits, and I noticed that my furry friend keeps following the smell everywhere and scratches the plastic glasses that I was drinking valerian root from, hoping to get a taste of it too. Nothing else makes her feel so ecstatic.

So depending on what your furry friendprefers, make sure to give her some small moments of joy with these plants. They have no harmful side effects; think of it as giving them chocolate to boost their happiness level.

3. Give your cat treats from time to time

Yes, buying your cat food of the best quality will have a positive effect on her overall health and life quality, but it won’t necessarily make her happy. Our friends would be much happier to eat fast food brands such as Whiskas or Friskies, thank you very much. So try to give your feline friend some treats from time to time to keep her entertained and fully happy. There are so many amazing brands you can try of that are also healthy (my favorite being Vitakraft), so make sure to try more and more at all times until she finds her favorite treats.

These are 3 simple things you can do that will significantly contribute to your feline friend’s happiness, but really, as its owner, you know better than anyone what she needs to be truly content. Make sure to keep an eye on her behavior and mood changes to build a healthy and loving relationship, and you are set with a great friend for life.

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