How to improve the relationship you have with your parents

Parents relationship

The relationship with our parents is a very important thing in our lives. Parents are the people who care about us the most. They raised us from the moment we were born. Ever since then, they are with us, helping with whatever we need.

But there are moments in every family when parents get mad at kids for minor causes like an unwashed dish or a bad grade at school. There are also moments when you want to go out to a party or in town with friends, but your parents won’t let you stay till the end and have fun, imposing the time when you should arrive.

If you have an understanding of parents, you won’t have to worry about problems at school or late arriving from a party, but if they are severe, this could be really hard. But if you know some tricks like I do, you’ll possibly decrease the tension between you and your parents.


No matter what you receive, breakfast, money, help with homework, learn to thank parents, and show them your appreciation. They have a big responsibility in raising you, protecting the house, working and for that they make sacrifices. If you thank them and show how pleased you are, their bad day at work or their disappointments will turn into great satisfaction only by seeing you happy.


If your parents give you some tasks like clean up your room, wash the dishes or do the laundry, which are easy things to do, you should fulfill them. If you do them, you will become more confident and reliable in your parents’ eyes. But if you won’t, then we all guess what the result will be…


Maybe the most important piece in creating a long-term relationship with your parents, the communication. If you don’t communicate with parents, then the relationship with them will start to break. In order to talk to your parents more, you should stop thinking about it as fear-inducing. The fear that you experience is not real, it’s just a product of your imagination, which can be turned into insecurity in starting an action. Don’t be shy, be courageous and start talking to your parents about your problems. It may not end in the wanted result, but at least it will feel better than not talking to them.

With trust and patience, problems between you and your parents will be solved. They will become happier to talk and share moments with you. But, in order to see progress and improve your parent-kid relationship, some sacrifice and courage will be needed.

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