Sticking to a routine: 4 tips on how to do it easily

Sticking to a routine:4 tips on how to do it easily

At some point maybe we all want to implement a routine into our life that can help us grow physically or psychologically.Be it going to the gym,a hair routine,meditation,or implementing a new hobby that can ultimately become a career,you can do it all if you stick to it.

1.Mornig pages

“Morning pages“ were introduced by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way.It is a small,easy routine that can improve your train of thoughts.Every morning,for 30 or 40 minutes,try writing everything that comes to your mind.For example,while you drink your coffee every morning,you can spend these 30 minutes of your day writing,instead of being on your phone,until you have to go to work,school or do other activities.These pages are for your eyes only,they are not meant to be a work of art,it is just writing anything and everything that comes to mind,a method that has proven most effective in clearing your mind,unleash creative ideas and quiet aggressive thoughts towards yourself,reducing anxiety in time.

Sticking to a routine: 4 tips on how to do it easily

2.Plan it out

The common mistake when trying to stick to a routine is picking too much stuff to do at once.Try doing one thing at a time,stick to one task at first,do it daily,and after 30 days of constantly doing that,try adding another one.

You can start writing on a piece of paper what are your goals(waking up early every day,going to the gym,cooking every 2 days,a hair routine etc.),try picking one and stick to it.Once the habit is ingrained,you can add more,but try doing this only after 3 or 4 weeks.

Try putting it in your schedule.Time block a time in your day and do it.By having it written down it is less likely that you forget about it.

3.Do not sabotage yourself when trying to implement a routine

The most important things are starting and being consistent with your goal.

Sticking to a routine: 4 tips on how to do it easily

We often sabotage ourselves before even realizing it.In order for you to avoid discomfort,your brain can begin transmitting you negative thoughts such as „can I really do this every day?“,“should I quit? Maybe I will be more comfortable with myself if I do“ etc.

Every time you think about quitting,or doing it another time,think about it this way:what if it works? Let’s say you start going to the gym every day dor 6 months.You are starting to see results,you feel more comfortable in your own skin,you want to improve more and more.

In one day,an average person is awake for 15 hours.Why not take out an hour or 2 from these 15 hours,and be closer to a better you?Learn something you always wanted,get better at something in time.

Don’be too harsh on yourself and when you will see the results from your hard work,you will be so motivated that it will also boost your confidence and self esteem.

4.Write it down so that it sticks to your daily routine easier

Try writing every night,before you go to sleep

Sticking to a routine:4 tips on how to do it easilywhat you want to do the next day,and implement the new task in your schedule.

Maybe it will help if you put everything you have to do the next day in a schedule online,or on paper,so that you can see clearly which hours from your day are completely free.Be aware of how much time they require and try assigning exact timings for when each task starts and ends.

In this busy and unpredictable life,something can always intervene and mess up your schedule.The rule is that if you miss a day of what you had in mind to accomplish,you must make it a priority to go for sure the next day.Do not skip  2 days in a row,because then it will be easier for you to quit all at once.



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