How to ‘healthify’ your favorite comfort food – easy NUTELLA edition 


Regardless if you have a sweet tooth or aren’t that crazy about sugary food, at some point we have all been seduced by the creamy comforting chocolate spread we know under the name Nutella. The Italian brand made its appearance in 1964 and ever since then it has kept a good reputation. It almost immediately occupied a steady position on the market which has remained unchanged for nearly 60 years.   

As much as we would like to stuff our faces with Nutella, it’s no secret that the spread contains high levels of sugar, and palm oil, which if constantly consumed can contribute to a whole lot of health issues. Thankfully, believe it or not, Nutella can be healthified as well and I will show you the exact steps on how to do it. 

Nutella from scratch  

Needless to say, the main ingredient of our homemade Nutella-like spread is hazelnuts followed by dark chocolate and additional sweetener (such as maple syrup, honey, or a tiny bit of stevia or brown sugar) if the spread is not sweet enough for your taste. Unlike the real thing which consists of only 13% of hazelnuts, in this recipe, you will use a handful of them.


I have no specific measurements for the ingredients since you can adjust them to your preferences, such as if you prefer nuttier or sweeter taste or based on the quantity you wish to make, nevertheless, try to use at least one full cup of hazelnuts, a bar of dark chocolate and a spoon or two of sweetener (optional).  

You can either toast the hazelnuts or use them raw. In my opinion, it doesn’t make a great difference. Now you’ll need a very high-quality, high-speed food processor so you can grind them to perfection. You are looking for a creamy consistency so it might take some time until they blend well. Under no circumstances should you add water or any other kind of liquid! Nuts are naturally rich in oil. You only need to be patient.  


In the meanwhile, melt your chocolate and once the hazelnuts are done blending, pour it in. Keep on blending and add in your sweetener little by little. That’s it! Easy-peasy! Spread your fresh batch of Nutella on pancakes, waffles, biscuits, anything you like, and enjoy this flavorful chocolaty goodness. 

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