How to have a good day in 5 easy steps

good day

Nowadays, so many people struggle with their everyday lives and how to stay motivated that it is no wonder how having a good day can seem a real challenge. This is why I have put together a list of tips that have always worked for me. Having a good, productive day is actually easier than it may seem at first glance and everyone can turn their routine into a pleasant experience.

  1. Wake up early and take a shower

This I can guarantee, having an early morning shower is one of the most refreshing things in life. It not only wakes up your senses, but it puts your thoughts at ease and sets a positive frame of mind. This is a healthy habit I have and it has worked wonders for me. After taking a shower in the morning I feel more serene and I can think through the day’s problems easier than I would have otherwise. To me, this seems like the perfect start to a good day.

  1. Set a healthy routine for the morning

Having a morning routine makes waking up and getting things done efficiently more accessible. Guess what? Your brain loves routines and will respond positively to you following through with them. In the morning I never skip breakfast, I always turn on the radio and listen to some music while following my skincare routine. Lastly, I always make some time for my pets. I found that hugging my pets before leaving the house fills me with positivity and motivation, setting the path for a good day. It might or might not work for you, but you should definitely save a couple of minutes for what makes your soul flutter, as this simple hack works wonders.

  1. Make a list of goals

Set your priorities for the day early on. Write down what you expect to achieve throughout the day, sort it out based on importance, and stick to your list.  Staying organized is not just for type A’s, we could all benefit from following a few objectives. It facilitates accomplishing tasks and saves us a lot of time. As simple as this hack may seem, it is actually a life-saver.


You heard me, ditch it. We don’t always comprehend how much time scrolling through our phones takes up until we actually track our activity. It might surprise you that we can spend up to five hours a day looking through our phones. It might come in handy to think twice before reaching for your phone during breaks from work or school, meals, or before going to bed. Try replacing the time spent on your phone with a pleasant hobby like reading, sketching, socializing, or even exercising. If you don’t have a hobby yet, ditching your phone can help you discover it. Getting rid of all that wasted time on your phone can turn your lousy day into a good day.

  1. Explore

This brings me to my last tip. We, as humans, have been made to explore. Whether we like to explore our life, our surroundings, or our feelings, it is part of our nature. Through yoga, I have managed to explore myself and through wandering around my city, I have come upon new sights that brought me joy. We are natural-born explorers and giving in to your curiosity will most probably benefit you. I have found that all good days require a healthy dose of exploration.

I hope these tips have helped you and I wish you dozens of beautiful, joyous days!

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