How to get into The Holiday Spirit: the 2020 edition

get into the holiday spirit

It’s harder and harder to get into the holiday spirit as we leave the magical years of our childhood behind. We learn that the gifts don’t magically appear under the Christmas tree, that tempers flare when it comes to chores, and that some sacrifices must be made. Add the blasted pandemic into the equation, and you get a recipe for a disastrous holiday season.

Is that really the case?

Listen, everybody has experienced this when growing up. I’ve had horrible holidays, but I’ve also had amazing ones. I miss people who had leveled up into another plane of existence. I miss meeting my friends and walking carefree in the streets. But I’ll be damned if I’m not going to at least try and have some fun this year!

Being a holiday enthusiast is a matter of past experiences, attitude, and point of view. I won’t be forcing anybody to get into the holiday spirit if they don’t feel like it, but I think it’s important to debunk one of the lies regarding the holiday season.


I’ve heard people saying they don’t like the holidays because they are too commercial and therefore they lack meaning. And that first part is true: we see ads, promotions, news about trendy gifts everywhere that compel us to buy, buy, buy. But that’s just annoying marketing that can easily be shut off. I’ve never thought about Christmas in terms of spending money because this wasn’t the main focus as I grew up.

My point is that every person can decide for themselves what to do if they want to celebrate the holidays and how. If you don’t want to buy a tree or expensive new decorations, that’s fine. If you plan to send tones of gifts to your loved ones, that’s fine too. Do what feels right to you. There are no rules for having a good time. To me, the holidays are about inner peace, shining lights, home-cooked meals, and a cozy atmosphere.

get into the holiday spirit


It’s been a rowdy year, to say the least. A lot has happened. Yes, we have to change the way we celebrate the winter holidays, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be as delightful as ever – in a new manner. Instead of writing an endless list of activities you can try in December, I aim to ignite a festive mood in your heart with a few simple ideas.

Let yourself feel all the feels. Some people get emotional during this time of the year. If you find yourself shedding a tear or laughing uncontrollably at a movie, it’s fine. Take some time to think about what you’ve been through this year, about your successes, and your future plans. Feel your heart beating, take a sip of hot cocoa, and know this – you’re badass.

Remember what you liked about the winter holidays as a kid and give them a try!

Maybe you had certain carols or songs you listened to – press play and let the memories fill your soul. Or perhaps you used to engage in some spiritual practices that brought you peace. Going back to old, cheery times might be the start you need to get into the holiday spirit.

Try a new approach. The meaning of holidays can change, depending on your mindset, surroundings, and recent experiences. I encourage you to find what brings you joy and include it in your holiday schedule. For example, you could drink that fancy tea, start that cool novel or TV series. If you feel inspired, try your hand at making handmade decorations. Get in touch with your favorite people. You could also go for a walk or plan a trip while respecting the health safety measures.

And ultimately – be kind. The point of the holidays is to remind us to be a little more compassionate – towards ourselves, and to others. Allow yourself to celebrate in your own way, regardless of your cultural background. Be your own Santa Claus this year! Get yourself that long-awaited gift nobody else knows you wanted – trust me, it’s a great feeling. And if you can, consider volunteering for a social cause that appeals to you or donate objects that you don’t use anymore. The world needs good deeds now more than ever.

Everybody has different ways to get into the holiday spirit. At the end of the day, what truly matters is to do whatever brings you joy, and peace of mind.


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