How to finish your homework in a faster, more efficient way

finish your homework
Do you want to finish your homework? Of course, who doesn’t?
Every student from every part of the world has had this thing called homework. For some of them it’s a piece of cake, but for others it’s a dread and a chore. The thought of homework makes their skin crawl. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. But keeping up with homework and assignments has always been difficult, especially during a pandemic. Nothing makes sense and assignments come from left and right. You feel like your universe is collapsing. Mental breakdowns peek around the corner and you don’t know what to do. Well, I’m here to talk about some ways you can finish your homework faster and in a more efficient way.

1. Create a “To Do” List and abide by it

I’ve always been someone who noted every single thing she’s done, so that was easy for me. But the most difficult part of this is abiding by the list I’ve created. Distractions are everywhere: who wouldn’t simply lie in bed and watch a movie, especially with Christmas and NYE approaching? But keeping a planner and cutting every thing you’ve done from your list is extremely satisfying and will help you finish your homework: it makes you productive and and it makes you accomplish everything you want. I bought a planner a while ago and it changed the way I’m doing things: I’ve written every little thing I have to do and its deadline.

2. Stay away from social media

Social media can be a distraction sometimes. I mean who hasn’t stopped doing whatever they’re doing and started scrolling on Instagram or Facebook? It’s important to stay focused and, in order to do so, take a social media break when you’re doing your homework or writing an assignment. Leave your phone in another room or just turn it off until you’re done.

3. Take breaks

Don’t push yourself to finish an assignment as soon as possible. Reward yourself with breaks from time to time (but don’t overdo it!). Set a schedule (for example: work for 30 mins and take a 10 min break) and abide by it. Take breaks for eating, drinking water or going for a walk. You should do things while taking care of yourself and your mind.

4. Get all the supplies you need

Before starting your assignment, gather everything you need: laptop, notebook, pieces of paper, highlighters, you name it. Getting up and remembering you forgot something can be a chore and can be extremely distracting when you have a goal in your mind. You may think of something else and your mind won’t be where it’s supposed to be. So, to sum it up, think of everything you need beforehand in order to finish your homework.

5. Don’t leave everything last minute!

I know procrastinating is a huge deal and that everyone is guilty of it, but you should sort things out so you won’t have lots of things to do and little to no time. Use the planner I’ve told you about. Manage your time accordingly and write your assignment one piece at a time. Think of the topic and break it into smaller paragraphs. In order to finish your homework, estimate the time you need for each paragraph or task. Take baby steps, because that’s the key. You will be able to proofread everything afterwards and you won’t be in a rush to submit it.

Even though these times are more difficult in terms of getting things done, keep in mind that we’re going through a pandemic. Sometimes, getting things done (especially wanting to finish your homework) won’t work the way you want them to, but that shouldn’t put you off. Try to stay on track without making yourself feel miserable and you will see the positive results coming immediately! 


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