How to feel good in your body

feel good in your body
What do you need to do in order to feel good in your body?
There are many who think they need to change their look, when in fact, what they have to change is the way they look at themselves.
It’s not always easy to feel good in your body, I know. We collide with a lot of opinions about what we should eat, how to look, what clothes to choose, where to go on vacation or how to behave. All of this, unfortunately, begins to control our lives, and we come to believe that we are not good enough, beautiful or intelligent. Since we all go through this usually, we must realize that the problem is ordinary and transient. There are a few tricks to get rid of this problem before it becomes a bigger one, like a depression.
The best way to feel good in your body is to give up the obsession of having a perfect body. Your body is beautiful regardless of shape and size.

Here are some tricks:


If love is one of the creative feelings, shame is destructive. Shame often appears as a reaction to the opinions and misdeeds of others. But it’s needed and it depends on you if you let her become a real problem. You can start to feel good in your body by giving up shame for various defects. Most likely, someone else decided for you that you had that flaw, and you took that negative view. To give up shame does not mean selfishness, but a positive example. Because, regardless of what society considers to be perfect, the truth is that perfection… does not exist. So a perfect body means health and well-being, but also the happiness of being yourself. Guess what? Everybody has different shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t all be flawless.


It is important to recognize that you have many qualities. There is no human without qualities, just as there is no human without flaws. But the difference between a woman satisfied with her own body and a dissatisfied one is most often the way she looks at the glass. You can also learn how to look at the full side of the glass! If you want to know how to feel good in your body, you need to know it. Look at it as if you see it from the outside, for the first time. Start with your toes and continue until you reach the hair.
As I said above, each of us feels bad in our own skin from time to time. And then, it’s time to remember that we have many qualities. Love begins with discovery and knowledge, and this technique can also help you learn to love yourself.


When we give up the obsession for perfection, we begin to wonder what true beauty actually means. It is important to understand that it also means health and well-being, so sports and healthy eating should not be excluded as we learn to feel good about our skin. If you are wondering what and how you may reach our conclusion: true beauty means being the best version of yourself. Authentic. True. No filters

My tip: SMILE!

Gabriel Garcia Marquez said “Smile! You never know who can fall in love with your smile!”, and she is very right!
Sometimes we may think that loving ourselves is rather difficult. We often see flaws that we can’t stand. But it’s not that hard! Here‘s why!
Try to smile as much as possible! In the morning, when you wake up and look in the mirror, even if you have curly hair after sleep and maybe even follow the pillow face on your skin, smile! Your laughter will convey to those around you. Give positivity and happiness, and you will receive the same thing in return!


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