How to deal with the pandemic – Things I’ve tried while being stuck at home


I don’t have to talk about the situation that we’re going through: we all know about this! The whole world is going through a pandemic, social interactions have been significantly reduced and almost everything has been moved online. So, most of us spend more and more time on devices such as phones and laptops our overall mood goes downhill. We can’t really make up for social interactions, but we can do other things that contribute to our well-being. So, with that being said, today I’m going to write about these things I’ve tried while being stuck at home with nothing else to do:

1. Painting

When I was younger, I used to love painting, but I kind of gave up on it, because I had little time. But, guess what? With me staying home, I realized that I missed it, so I started painting again! Not only did it make me happier, but it also gave me a sense of achievement. With painting after painting, I found it easier to create what I wanted and my mood has increased significantly. You may say: “But I don’t know how to paint!” or “What if it’s terrible?”. Well, it’s perfectly understandable that you think of these or something similar to these, but I’m going to tell you something I learned the hard way: It doesn’t matter! Practice makes it perfect and it will be worth it!

2. Playing a musical instrument

Do you happen to have an old guitar lying around or a tiny organ you got for Christmas when you were younger and you kind of forgot about their existence? Well, it’s time to wipe the dust off them and let your musical talent shine! Why should you play a musical instrument? You can find 5 reasons why you should do it right here!

3. Knitting

That’s a surprise for myself as well: yes, I’ve actually tried knitting! While I’m not very good at it and I got discouraged when I saw that I couldn’t be as good as I wanted to, but the fact that I finally tried this thing I’ve always wanted to do made me very happy! I’m a bit clumsy and it’s like I have 2 left hands most of the time, but I’m glad I actually tried this! Who knows, maybe you’ll be better at it!

 4. Baking a cake

If you haven’t tried it yet, I heavily suggest you to do so! I wanted to do a nice surprise for my mum on her birthday and, because of the fact that her birthday was during quarantine, I didn’t have many options. So I thought to myself: What if I made a nice birthday cake? And guess what? I rushed to the store, bought all the ingredients and made a cake from scratch. Surprisingly, the results were much better than I thought and mum really liked the surprise! Obviously, if it weren’t for the well-known YouTube tutorials, I would’ve failed miserably. The process was really fun and I discovered the fact that I love baking cakes!

5. Crafting things

I’ve always been a huge fan of handmade stuff and crafting, but I haven’t really taken it seriously, until now. During this time, I’ve created a lot of things: from jewelry to various things I keep around at home. For example, I found a wooden spoon at home and I turned it into a decorative guitar. To be frank, I enjoyed doing this and it made me realize I should do more similar things!

During these times, when we’re stuck at home, it’s important to do things that make us happy and that improve our well-being overall.  It doesn’t matter: you can take my suggestions into account or find other things that make you happy! The Internet is full of tutorials which can be useful. We surf the Internet all the time: try to make it a beneficial contributor to your growth!


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