How to boost your energy in 3 healthy ways


Do you still feel tired after 8 hours of sleep? After going to bed early? After not using your phone before bed? Well, I found a few healthy ways that helped me boost my energy levels that could help you too. Here’s how you can get rid of constant tiredness and lack of energy during the day: 


1) Exercise 

silhouette of man jumping on rocky mountain during sunset

Yes, that’s right. It has been proven that by exercising regularly, you will soon get rid of that constant feeling of drowsiness and fatigue. I personally tested this out and I can tell you that exercising regularly has helped me tremendously. It could be a 30-minute extra walk in your neighborhood or in the nearest park – it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you move. If youre a student like me and youre pretty much glued to your laptop 24/7 because of online classes and assignments, consider going to the gym in your free time (if you can!), and if not, you could simply go for a walk or follow a workout routine online at home. 


2) Drink more water 

clear drinking bottle filled with water

Dehydration is our biggest enemy. If you’re the kind of person who relies on energy drinks like Monster Energy or Red Bull, then you should consider drinking more water instead. When you don’t drink enough water, your blood pressure drops, and then sleepiness kicks in.  


3) Don’t skip meals 

pizza on white ceramic plates

Food is our main source of energy. Do you often find yourself skipping meals, especially in the morning? That could be one of the reasons why you feel drained and tired. There is an old saying : “Breakfast is the most important part of the day”. Your body needs energy and nutrients for the rest of the day – if you skip breakfast, you tend to overeat or crave more junk food or sugar later that day.  


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