How to be and feel more comfortable when you’re alone

People are social beings: they like to be surrounded by other people, they seek their approval and they get together in order to have fun or relax. When we are in big circles of people, we tend to focus so much on the good things that we forget who we are. And then, at night, we are all alone, in a quiet environment and all of a sudden, our thoughts invade our minds.
You don’t know what to do, because you feel weak and vulnerable. You are unfamiliar with this version of yourself and you don’t know what to do. So, what should we do in situations like this one? Well, we should try being more comfortable with ourselves and to understand who we truly are in order to evolve.

Being alone vs being lonely

There’s a key difference which helps us distinguish between being alone and being lonely.
For example, you can have many friends and a supporting family and you feel good with them, but sometimes you want some time for yourself. This is what being alone is about.
But being lonely is a different story. No matter how many people you are surrounded with, you feel empty and disconnected and you simply aren’t there.
It’s important to know and understand the fact that if you are alone, you aren’t lonely and viceversa. They go hand in hand sometimes, but it’s not a general thing.

Struggling with your self- confidence

It’s normal to feel self-conscious from time to time, but if it’s a general feeling, it’s not good for yourself and your well-being. Most of the times, people avoid being one-on-one with themselves because they think of the worst. In order to be comfortable with ourselves, we must know ourselves. Confidence doesn’t come in a second. We should embrace who we are, or make a change, if possible. This will do nothing but wonders for us.

What should we do?

In order to be happier with ourselves and who we are, we should make some changes. For example, avoid comparing yourself to others, because this will only worsen how you feel. I’m going to resort to some clichés, but that’s the truth! Everyone is unique, has their struggles and problems and we shouldn’t think of how others have it better, because who knows?
You can take a step back from social media and television to think of the things you are grateful for. Trust me, there are plenty! You can also “treat yourself” from time to time, because you deserve it.

Being alone isn’t easy for everyone. For some people it’s better, for others it’s worse. But all of us should know how to be comfortable when alone, because we’re all we have. And we should always be able to count on ourselves.


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