How to be a Uni student without wanting to kill yourself

Uni student
Uni student

From the beginning, it is necessary to emphasize that there is no faculty with an easy level of difficulty. As a student of the Faculty of History and Philosophy, if I discussed with student X from another faculty about the difficulty level of the faculty, and he told me that he is studying at an easy college, with uncomplicated tasks, he would change his perception to 180 degrees during the exams. He would tell me that the faculty turns his life into a mess because of the exams. There’s how to be a Uni student without wanting to kill yourself!

From my point of view, this situation denotes three aspects: naivety, lack of information or (un)intentionally misleading.

It depends on the kind of student we interact with. He can generally be a liar, a procrastinator, who defers himself until the last moment and treats the tasks with superficiality. However, from the perspective of the first two aspects… The student may be naive or just lacking documentation. He can believe that everything is easy, especially if it is his first year of study. In the first year, he has not gone through the difficult and (sometimes) harrowing experience of the exams.

Regarding the final aspect, although he knows the university life, he may have some reasons (envy, perfidy, reluctance, etc.) to induce me (un)intentionally in error.

Thus, he offers me an illusion of the faculty where he studies. Maybe he does this to arouse my envy. Or maybe he’s just lying.

I don’t consider myself an expert or a psychologist. But as a student at the Faculty of History and Philosophy, I recommended you to study here if you are ambitious, perseverent. In other words, you should know how to learn from others’ mistakes, to become better. Above all, the desire to learn is crucial. From this quality originate both ambition and perseverance. A human can become better… Only if he knows how to manage his knowledge.

To be or not to be an Uni student… That’s the question.

Without having the will, the student would not be able to spend too much time in the university and would inevitably head out for withdrawal.

That withdrawal cannot take place at any price. It must be as well justified as possible and it should involve enrolling in another faculty. It involves a choice the student is really confident about. The student should have the will to gain as much knowledge as possible from that faculty. In the current socio-political context, it is difficult to find a stable and well-paid job without having graduated from university studies.

Therefore, any student of the Faculty of History and Philosophy, who plans to become a historian or a professor after completing university studies, must have as its main purpose gaining and deepening the knowledge. He must take the intelligible into account, thoroughly interpret the historical past for the public, based on the primary sources (archival documents, journals, memoirs, letters, etc.) and secondary sources (specialized literature – books, articles, studies, etc.). He must carry out this complex process. And he should never resort to counterfactual instruments. Because it would seriously distort the historical past both from the deontological perspective and from the perspective of the meaning, the meaning of the events, personalities, and situations that have meticulously constructed the historical past, without which we cannot understand and explain the present.

Ever since I was a student, a teacher’s quote remained in my mind: “I detest the big L: the Lies.”

Staying strictly in the context of university reflections and in the spirit of German historian Leopold von Ranke, any student, historian or professor of history must remove the historical past from its shadow cone, and with ambition, perseverance and will analyze and interpret it intelligible for the public, as it happened for the truth to come to light, to the detriment of counterfactuality, lies, filth, and mockery.

We hope our tips will help you to be an Uni student! If you want to know more about future and how to handle it, check this!

Author: Andrei Mic



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