How to be a better storyteller in 4 helpful ways


When it comes to storytelling, be it spoken or on paper, I don’t think everyone has always the right words on them. So every storyteller needs a certain guideline. Here are four ways to be a storyteller. 

Use your own voice and be yourself

As cliche as it may sound, you have to be yourself, because everyone else is already taken. It might seem easy to wrap up someone else’s words in a beautiful present, but the final product isn’t actually yours. Using your own voice might mean two things. One: you are original and many people like you. Two: not everyone might resonate with your voice and that might discourage you. Start from the premise that no one will like your story. In that way, you won’t be disappointed, but even surprised at the sight of people enjoying what you communicate. That will help you develop your own voice as a storyteller and create original stories. 

Be honest even if it scares you

Sharing your fears and emotions openly is scary, I know. And for a good reason. It is much easier to talk about something on a surface level. But what catches the attention of the reader or the listener is something deeper. People want to listen to something they can relate to or something that touches them. A kind of story that teaches them a lesson and warms their hearts. Honesty is always the best way out.  

Don’t wait until it’s perfect

We (the readers/ listeners) understand that life is messy. So is storytelling. It’s ok for your speech not to be perfect from the beginning. It’s ok to ask for feedback and opinions for improvement. We, the audience, relate more when we feel your emotions and the fact that you were a bit nervous when you wrote that story. Storytelling needs to come from the heart and the most beautiful part is that it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Create and embrace your own storyteller style

We have already established that it doesn’t have to be perfect. But why not make it perfect your own way? Your style goes hand in hand with making your voice heard. Your story is your canvas, paint it in whatever colors and techniques you want. There are no written rules. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is to have fun and create a story that pleases you in the first place. There will always be someone that won’t appreciate your work, so don’t let that put you down!

If you’re ready to weave brilliant stories, check out this writer’s guide for beginners!


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