How to be a better person, having God next to you?


The desire to be rich and to be powerful; the desire to be great and to be seen as a person who owns and runs many things, caught us up each moment, each morning… always wanting to be perceived as important and impressive. Well, you will not meet your wishes by sitting down flipping through the television channels and being work-shy. In order to feel important, you need to see yourself as a deputy of God, one who does not make excuses to become a better person.

The question here is, why aren’t you seen as such?

Well, prodigies are not given birth to, rather are conceived through dreams, hard work, discipline, determination and self-control. If you are not disciplined enough, if you love wasting money, or time… believe me, you are bound to be unsuccessful. First off, a God’s substitute does not care too much about what others think. If you feel important, if you feel valuable, fortunate, blessed, then you don’t have to wait for others’ approval. Moreover, when you put money or work ahead of relationships know that nobody is going to be around to celebrate you or your successes. Why would they, if you don’t show that you care about them as well? Success in life is not just materialistic, it includes relationships as well.

So how do you become a God’s deputy?

Well, the secret of getting ahead is getting started. Yes, you’ve read that right, your evolution will come naturally after the first good deed you do, you’ll easily get used to being kind. It’s that simple to become a better person! In becoming a better person, you also have to accept your responsibilities and see yourself for who you are. In the process of becoming responsible and self-aware, it would be helpful to set goals for yourself and never make excuses. For example, letting go of anger or sorrow should be something you frequently and consistently do to avoid meltdowns.

Be a creator.

God is creative, and so should you. The desire to be His deputy comes with the price of cultivating His ideas of being open and aware. Additionally, creative people are always eager to find solutions.

“People create their own luck.”

The secret to creating your own luck is, once again, setting realistic goals and having a clear vision. Make sure to remember that no one can stop you, excepting yourself. You can either be your biggest enemy, or your supporter.

You are the master of your own fate.

Figure out what success looks like for you and then take the necessary steps to go after what you want. Only God is greater than you. So why don’t you help in making our world a better place?


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