New Year’s Resolutions and How To Accomplish Them

New Year's Resolutions
New Year, New me! Time to set some New Year’s Resolutions!
It is normal that we, as humans, love to make plans. I think this is what makes us happy and willing to do things. But, I can’t help but notice a pattern: “On Monday, I will start working out“Next year, I will do this and that”. Everyone keeps setting goals and dreams “after the New Years Day”. And those same people reach the end of the year and think: “I haven’t done anything I wanted to do! But next year I will do everything, even more!”.
This year was a “special” one. It’s obvious that, because of the pandemic, none of us have achieved everything that we desired and that’s okay. I think that some of us, including me, have set goals and dreams that can be achieved even in these difficult times. With that in mind, I will give you some tips and tricks which will help you stay on track and achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

1. Don’t focus on the result, focus on the process

A lot of us think of the end result and that’s basically what we have in mind. We never think of the process and the journey we have to take in order to achieve your goal. This is true for New Year’s Resolutions as well. Because of this, every single setback can be off-putting and hard to take and you might end up giving up on your goal. By focusing on the process, the journey towards your goal will be a memorable, enjoyable one and it will make everything seem much easier. For example, your goal may be losing weight. If you are constantly hard on yourself by saying things like: “Have I lost THAT little weight? I will never reach my goal until <insert month here>”, then you’re doing it for nothing!
The experience may be challenging at first, but it should become more and more enjoyable! And that applies to everything! Let’s say you want to learn a new language: don’t think of “When I will have a C1 level, I will do this and that”. Focus on the present and on your journey!

2. Don’t overwhelm yourself

Knowing when you should take a break is very important: if you don’t take breaks and if you don’t relax from time to time, you will become overwhelmed and put off by the whole thing, because it’s exhausting. And during break time, you should set your mind free, because if you keep thinking stuff like “When I get home, I have so many things to do!”, your mind will never be relaxed and you will end up being more stressed in the long run. Be happy and enjoy your free time.

3. Don’t listen to the people that don’t believe in you

It’s normal that, along the way, some people will doubt your commitment to your New Year’s Resolutions and your willingness to reach them, but that shouldn’t stop you! Use their doubt and criticism to your own benefit and turn them into “motivation”? For example, think of the fact that these people aren’t right and that you are perfectly capable of reaching your goal. Those people shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want, but motivate you and push you forward.

4. Reward yourself from time to time, you deserve it

Set some limits: for example, if you do something significant towards reaching New Year’s Resolutions, reward yourself with something relaxing or enjoyable. You can use candy, chocolate or other things you like. You will feel like you’ve actually done something for your goal and you acknowledge it, which will only determine you to move forward and keep working on your goal.

5. Don’t forget your planner!

For me, it’s really important to write down everything I want to do or plan to do. This way, you’ll actually feel committed to the goal and it will be well-printed in your mind. Set a schedule, make some time for yourself and your goal and you’ll be unstoppable!

What if I still don’t reach every goal?

You are not less of a person if you don’t manage to do everything you planned! We are human beings, not robots: we can get tired, upset, overwhelmed…maybe you realize along the way that your goal wasn’t for you! It happens! As I’ve previously said, the journey towards your New Year’s Resolutions should be challenging and enjoyable at the same time, not a dread or a chore. 

My advice for you is to live the moment and enjoy it. Don’t think of the result, keep your mind focused on the process and your journey. If there are people who doubt you, don’t give up on your goal! I know this is such a cliché, but it’s true. Don’t feel discouraged if things don’t go your way: this is how you learn.


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