How the pandemic affected my mental and physical health


Let’s be honest, every single one of us is in this situation. If you are lucky enough to not be infected with the virus, the pandemic still crushes your mental and physical health. It’s hard, it’s extenuating and slowly drives all of us insane. Everyone goes through this whole madness differently. Yet, in this article I want to tell you how is been to me and I sincerely think at least some of you will relate.

The first days of the pandemic   

When Romania declared the state of emergency on March 15th, 2020 I honestly thought the whole situation won’t take more than four to five months to be solved. Oh boy, was I wrong. I still remember how a lot of people panicked. People would buy stacks of toilet paper, flour, vegetable oil and meat as if it was the end of the world. I found the whole situation ridiculous. How the humanity fought off the H1N1 and Ebola virus, the Sars-Cov 19 would be such a big deal, right? I’ve spent most of my days, until the end of my exam session, either studying or being a couch potato.


I couldn’t care less; I wasn’t going anywhere anyway, so why would I care? Since I live in a really small village, full of old people. I wanted to escape this village so bad, I was so happy to know that I’d live in Bucharest. And from october 2019 to march 2020 I had lots of fun there. Meeting new people, visiting new places, experiencing new things, everything was so fun! Of course, I was so disappointed to know that I’d spend my college years home, but this wasn’t the only thing that affected me. The lack of movement, the lack of socializing and the repeating patter of sleep-eat-work gave me insomnia. Insomnia gave me headaches, muscle and back pain, even random nosebleeds. The pandemic negatively affected not only my mental health. I was going nuts. As a result, I’ve gained 7kg, lost my motivation to do anything and entered a state of fear and anxiety.

Things are slowly getting better for everyone

For me, things are getting better since september 2020. Back then I started making money out of what I enjoy, drawing more specifically, and I strenghtened my relationship with people that I’ve met because of the pandemic. Surprisingly, I’m better finacially now! With the vaccine being released, with the decreasing number of COVID-19 cases here, in Romania, I started being more hopeful. I had so many wonderful surprises. I could finally embrace the ones that I’ve longed for and, slowly, my trust issues are getting better, as well as my confidence.


Of course, the pandemic affected everyone differently. Maybe for a lot of us it’s still going downhill. The situation is getting better locally, but we still have to be cautious. For me, the pandemic took away my sanity and health for a brief moment, but gave me precious moments and prosperity. This is a reason to continue fighting! Even when the pandemic affected both your mental and physical health, you should have hope. Of course, we still have to be careful and think rationally, without hurring things. With that being said, let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst.



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