How succulents thrive: 3 of my best tips

How succulents thrive: 3 of my best tips
Succulents are great house plants as they do not require as much attention as other ones, but they do need to be looked after. A succulent is a type of “xerophyte”, which means that it grows in a dry climate. They are eye-catching as they come in all shapes and sizes so you can increase the number of succulents you own anytime you feel like you want a change. You will never get bored of them, especially if you know how to correctly take care of them!

1. Watering the soil

How succulents thrive: 3 of my best tips

Contrary to popular belief, succulents don’t grow on their own. They do need to be watered regularly, but be aware of the season, as it is a key factor in the amount of water your succulent needs. Make sure to water your little plant more during their growth seasons: spring and summer. A vital thing to keep in mind while watering succulents is to choose a container that has drainage so that it can get rid of the unnecessary water. It is recommended that you wait until the soil is dry before re-watering the plant. Try to avoid misting it as the leaves do not require to be watered at all, but only cleaned once in a while.

2. Be aware of the sun (and shade)

How succulents thrive: 3 of my best tips

I prefer to keep my succulents on the windowsill so that they get enough sun, but I also make sure that I move them around so they can sometimes feel the shade as well. They need about 5 hours of sun a day, so you have to ensure that the spot you choose is near a window. This can also depend on the type of succulent you own, as some of them do not enjoy the sun that much and can start browning. This should be a clear indicator that the sun is not your succulent’s preference.

3. The perfect soil

How succulents thrive: 3 of my best tips

The most common mistake I’ve seen and heard about is using soil from your garden to plant your succulents. Normal soil is not well-drained which will lead to trapping water in the succulent’s root. This will lead to the root rotting as it will retain too much water. Nutrients need to be present in the soil so the best decision is to buy special soil, but be careful when moving the plant as it had extremely sensitive roots. You can also use fertilizers in the summer, as long as you don’t overuse them.

Succulents are perfect for indoors but can get quite moody at times so make sure that you provide them with the perfect temperature for their liking.

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