How stress affects my wellness and how much I’ve lost


It’s even harder when you are an overthinker and things tend to be more difficult than they actually are. You tend to think way too much over things you have no control of. Even on things that can be easily solved but you stress so much over these things that you can’t see clearly anymore. Be careful, stress can affects your wellness so much that one day, you’ll lose you mind and your body will follow it.


Being able to recognize these symptoms will lead you on the right track because one day you’ll be able to manage them. First of all, simple headaches. When you’ll feel them, you’ll start having anxiety. You may not pay attention to them from the beginning, but they will definitely affect you. Anxiety affects your behavior, it gives you overreactions and underreactions, you start underestimating and doubting yourself. This will affect your interaction with people around you. Chest pain gives you lack of motivation, you lose your focus,  and it can lead to drugs or alcohol and we all know how destroyed will be your life because of them.

Sleep problems, you start being more and more tired. You are not able to do anything with your life, not even with your routine. This makes you feel overwhelmed, unmotivated and unfocused. Even changes in sex drive give you anger, or irritability and this lead to social withdrawal. You can lose you appetite or you can feel the need to always eat more and more. It may lead to losing or gaining weight in the most unhealthy way, it will cause diseases and skin problems. You lose your hair, your heart will be affected, your face will be clearly affected. Soon, stress will affect not only your mind and your emotions, but your physic.


Try and do more physical activities, it will be a long ride until you get there. But trust me, when you really want something you work for it. It may be hard, but do it for your health while you still can, while you are still able to do it. Spend time with friends and family. I know you may feel more comfortable being alone in your room, but with the right people, with people who love you, your anxiety goes away. It goes with all your thoughts.

Keep a sense of humor, don’t forget to laugh! Watch things you love and make you laugh. Laugh as hard as you can with your friends. Go and have fun, it’s simply as it is! Because you overthink it, you make it harder. In reality, its not that hard to have a good time. You just have to let go the things that doesn’t matter, or at least you have no control of. Most importantly, practice relaxation techniques. It may sound stupid, but it helps. Try it out for yourself! Do yoga, do some meditations, some massage. Maybe martial arts or gym will help you to keep you focused, so you won’t have time to overthink stupid things.


It started in my first year of college. Everything was new, the people, the city, I was so excited but in the same time afraid that I won’t make it work. In that time, I met my amazing friends, they made my first year great. I failed some exams, and that’s when it started. I studied so much and it wasn’t enough. My emotions took control over me. I failed because I didn’t trust myself enough. My hair was slowly falling, my skin started to change, physically I’ve changed a lot. I look so tired, I was so unhappy. And only because I failed some exams that weren’t actually that important.

I was stressed over things I didn’t have control of. Like, losing people who didn’t want to be a part of my life anymore. I should have just let them go and go with the flow. Stressed over being the perfect student, over pleasing everyone. I became worried that I won’t have time because of my studies. I was stressed over that one boy who didn’t appreciate me for who I am and who decided to broke my heart because he was bored. It took a lot to let these things go, but here I am.


Today, I’m passing all my exams, I have time for me and for my healthy relationship. I have time for my friends, I spend enough time with them and have fun as I should have. Now, I have a job, I write articles. I still have moments when I am stressed that I am not enough and I can’t handle it, but here I am today stronger than I thought. It’s ok, I may not be where I want to be, but I am not where I used to be. I’m trying so hard to be calm, I can’t afford to lose myself again.



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