How my relationship with magazines changed since I was a teenager


As a teenager, magazines meant the world to me, but my relationship with them not so much.

When I was young, I used to be a big fan of magazines. I would buy them religiously every month. All previous issues were kept neatly in boxes with lids so that no dust would get on them. Childish magazines with cartoons or princesses were of no interest to me. Oh no, I was a sophisticated girl and only bought Cosmo and Glamour, or the occasional Vogue. I loved the feel of the glossy pages, the fashion editorials, the makeup ideas, and best of all, the perfume samples (now that would truly make me feel fancy and grown up). But that’s where my fascination with magazines ended, at the pretty pictures and the status I thought they gave me.

Why magazines were not that fascinating for me

That’s because the content was never that good. All those flashy subtitles on the cover promising to help you attract a guy or be better in bed weren’t as catchy to me. At that age I just wasn’t interested in those topics. It can be argued that as a young teenager, I wasn’t the intended audience for such magazines. But when I did finally reach the age where such topics didn’t make me blush, they ended up making me roll my eyes. There was nothing of substance in the articles that filled my beloved magazines, and so I let them go permanently.

Or so I thought. Recently, I picked up the same magazines that I loved in my early teens. Naturally, I expected to see the same content about beauty, sex and fashion, but I was surprised to notice how wrong I had been. There were interviews with psychologists, with dermatologists and various other experts, as well as many illustration pieces. I am so glad to see that magazines have not only kept up with the times but have grown with their readers as well.

I have fallen back in love with them as a result. This has changed the relationship I have with magazines compared to when I was a teenager.


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