How my hair went from damaged and dry to healthy and shinning


I have blonde hair and I’ve been dyeing it for 3 years now. After a while, it became drier and drier, I couldn’t even stand it and it affected me so much because I was so sad.  I’ve always used hair dye without ammoniac and with different oils. The last time, I damaged it so bad, it became dry and my ends were spitted because I bleached it and I can’t believe that now it’s so healthy and shinning. It took a year, but here I am today.  I went from dark blonde to light blonde, I was brunette, I had different shades of blonde in my hair. But now, I regret it so much that I went brunette so I bleached it.

I used the balayage technique and, from my point of view, if it is done by a professional, it could save your hair. After that, she used some special treatments on my hair because in that period I used to loss hair a lot. I used to have such a beautiful long and natural blonde hair and, spoiler alert, now I am planning to not cut it anymore and to not dye it. I want it back, so here are some tips that may be useful to you too:


I use shampoos based on oils and some special ones which I buy from the pharmacy: DUCRAY. I used once a week because it cleans my hair very well, it removes all the oils and it feels so good. No shampoo is compared to this one; this one worked the best for me. After I wash my hair gently and with patience, I use a towel to scrunch it a little, so remove the excess of water. Then, I use conditioner or a mask, based on natural ingredients and let it sink for 20-30 minutes.

I wash it gently with my head down and let it sink in a towel for 10 minutes.  After that, I use a spray with oils that don’t make my hair greasy because my hair absorbs it quickly. After that I use, all the time, argon oil. I use it every single time and I stress the ends. Basically, all I did was oil treatments, homemade masks, avoiding the heat and I didn’t tied it up in order to hurt my scalp. Here’s a secret: I drink a lot of water with lemons.


I gave up on rushing it. It takes time, but it was so damaged that I didn’t even care, I want it to be healthy again. I’ve learned that natural ingredients are the best. I tried solid shampoos and it felt so good, they really did their job, I felt the difference. I tried hair masks with avocado, honey, yogurt, bananas and they did their job too. They hydrated my hair, but I don’t always have the make to prepare them. I used a lot of oils and petrol treatments, and they made my hair stronger and shinier. It grows slow, but at least it’s healthier.

The key is less stress and more natural ingredients. I gave up on brush and I brush only once, when it’s completely dry. Here’s a tip:  never brush it after you wash it because the hair is fragile in that moment. It’s sad because I already lose a lot of hair during the day. This affects your hair, too. And, of course, I don’t put my hands in it; I don’t touch it because it gets greasy. Most importantly, I let it dry naturally, I don’t use hairdryer and I gave up on hair straightener. I gave up on hair spray to fix it because it damages the hair lines, it dries them a lot and affects the scalp, too. The point is, you have to be gentle and patient in order to have that dream hair, it’s the little things that matter! But remember, I am not a professional.



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