How making your bed in the morning can make a difference?


It may seem strange, but making your bed in the morning can really change your life for the better. Ever since I was little, my mother taught me to make my bed in the morning. Then I grew up and there was a time when I was “too busy” to do it. At that time I noticed that the little thing I was doing in the morning was really important. Some studies showed that when we make our bed in the morning we tend to believe we had a peaceful night, in which we enjoyed the best quality sleep. Here’s how making your bed can make a difference in your life:

1. You start the day well

As Admiral Mc Craven said at the University of Texas Graduation Ceremony, by making your bed with perseverance, you will be able to cultivate that sense of accomplishment. That’s right, it’s not a big deal, but it’s the first step in rebuilding your (lost) self-esteem. You will have more time to do another task and then another task. At the end of the day you will conclude that you have completed several things, due to the simple act of making your bed.

In this way, you will have a growing sense of pride, self-confidence and motivation. In addition, you will leave the house with a sense of control and personal responsibility, a good that you can keep with you throughout the day.

2. It cultivates your mental discipline

Self-discipline develops by overcoming physical and mental endurance. When you get out of bed on Monday morning, sometimes the last thing you want to do is make your bed. This frustrating feeling is easy to understand, but it is also a great opportunity to discipline yourself by crossing the barrier – often mental – to find time to make your bed.

3. Happy people make their beds

In a survey of 68,000 people, 71% of those who make their bed in the morning consider themselves happy people .But 62% of those who skip this activity say they are unhappy. Such a trivial household chore will give you the feeling of a strong start to the day, but also energy to manage the challenges that follow. The outer order contributes to the inner peace.

4. It ensures a good mood

After a stressful day in which you look forward to going to bed, an unmade and messy bed is not exactly what you would like to see. Make sure you make the bed before you go to work, not another one, but it won’t take you more than two minutes. The whole room will look different when you return.

5. It makes you not embarrassed

It probably happened to everyone at some point: you left the house like after a hurricane, you return home and you have an unexpected visitor! Talk a little, and then he asks you to show him where the bathroom is. To get to the bathroom, you may have to go through the bedroom with the door open… Oh, no! Now, of course, you say you don’t care, but I bet there’s something inside you that bothers you, maybe a little embarrassment. On the other hand, if you make your bed, the whole room seems more neat, because the bed is in the center of attention!

As you can see, there are many benefits when we decide to make such a change in our lives. Let’s make a change.



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