How long-distance can actually create a stronger bond

How a long-distance relationship can actually create a stronger bond

Long-distance relationships are something that people often fear. It is true that there are a lot of cases when they do not work out, but if the partners are truly involved and want to make the relationship work, I can tell you that they most certainly do.

My experience with long-distance relationships

Even though it was only for a few months, I and my partner had to go through long-distance. It was actually how the relationship has started. I was committed to making it work, but my partner was afraid in the beginning.

Texting Games to play with your long-distance partner 

There are multiple things to do when starting dating someone and you cannot be physically next to each other. Firstly, you can try different texting games. Truth or dare is something that really creates a nice atmosphere, whether it is done by texting or calling each other. We did a reinterpretation of this when we texted, having to choose between truth or situation. The situation option refers to a hypothetical situation in your relationship and how the other would respond. It may not seem like it, but it is really useful to know this information from the very begging.

Some other games that are really fun and would make you feel closer to your partner are ‘’would you rather’’, ‘’2 truths, 1 lie’’, ‘’Kiss, Marry, Kill’’, and ‘’Most likely to’’. They can create an intimacy that is way better than any other kind. The atmosphere is so peaceful and calm and you can feel how your connection is slowly becoming tighter.

Another activity that I truly recommend is organizing an imaginary trip. Even though it is not something real, the excitement created by this activity is as high as it would be if it was real. You can pick the location, the route you are taking, the accommodation, the things you would visit, what you would eat and everything else you want. Trust me that this can bring you closer than you could imagine.

Getting to know all the sides of your partner

The most significant thing that I did with my partner was to ask each other all kinds of questions. I know that it might seem like you know that person very well, but we are constantly changing as individuals and we should be in a continuous process of knowing and understanding each other. Even after a year and nine months of dating, we still ask each other various questions from time to time to make sure that our process of communication is working.

You might ask yourself what questions you should ask. Well, there is no right answer.  You can ask each other whatever you want. You might want to know how they would describe the stars to a child, or you can debate on your favorite memory from your relationship, you could try to define the feeling of love together or you could simply talk about your family traditions.

I believe that there is no right or wrong in a relationship until you both define it. So don’t be afraid to talk about anything that is coming into your mind. I personally had a list of seventy questions I wanted to ask my partner when we started talking. Don’t be afraid that you might be judged, just feel the moment, and try to give your best in the relationship, be it long distance or not.

The bond you can create through long-distance

After you go through long-distance, there might be different feelings that will occur, mostly missing your partner, but my piece of advice is to focus on the bond you have created during all of this time. I cannot deny that when you are physically near your partner you can create a wonderful connection, but one thing that people do not always believe is that you can create a connection as strong or even stronger through a long-distance relationship.

I was one 1200 kilometers away from my partner and we have created the strongest relationship I would have ever imagined I could have, even if it was in the beginning as a long-distance one. So don’t let a number of kilometers affect, in a negative manner, your connection, when you can make the best out of it instead.


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