How I Met Your Mother – An Amazing TV Show Review

How I Met Your Mother - An Amazing TV Show Review
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How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite shows ever. I am pretty sure I’ve watched it 4 times until now, so I think I have some knowledge when it comes to this show. I won’t give you spoilers, but the ending will make you feel things. Things, you wouldn’t have thought in the beginning.

This show is kind of related to Friends, but Friends is much older and from my point of view, Friends is HIMYM’s mother. Both of them have a special place in my heart, but now we are talking about How I Met Your Mother.

The show is about 5 best friends and the events that led to “the mother”. Ted is telling his kids how he met their mother in every single detail. A lot of things happened between him and his friends, things that little by little led him to the right place, in the right moment.


First of all, Ted Mosby. He is the one that, in the year 2030 is telling his daughter and son how he met their mother. The story goes back to 2005, a period when he wanted so badly to find “the one”. He wanted to find his soulmate, someone to grow old, someone to love, to get married, and to have kids. He tried a lot during the years, he went out with a lot of girls, he had multiple relationships. But, somehow, no one was “that one”. Until he met her. Or her?

Robin, the next character, is rough-tough and someone very special to Ted. She is the new one from the group because the other knew each other for a long time, Robin is a tv presenter. She is the kind of person who enjoys being alone, who doesn’t need a relationship because she is good on her own. But, this independence affected her love life. When she found someone she loved, she got scared. She was so good on her own, that now she isn’t able to commit.

Barney, the playboy, is…wait for it…awesome! He is living his life at its finest, he enjoys every moment and all he’s doing is legen… wait for it… dary! Legendary! He may seem indifferent, but he is actually a very good friend who’s always there for you. Lily and Marshall are the lovebirds, the cute couple from this show, they are together since forever, they grew up together.

They had a breakup at some point and you’ll have a choice: to blame Lily or not? Honestly, I don’t but at the same time, I do. The way she did it and the way she handled the situation was unfair, especially for such a sweetheart (Marshall), but I understand her reasons.


First of all, the ending disappointed me. I am very sorry to say this, but it’s true. You’ll understand why. But this one little thing means nothing when it comes to this show. The narrative of How I Met Your Mother is unique, there no words to describe it, it’s “literally” “legendary”.

Of course, it has ups and downs, suspense, drama, but it’s very well organized: the lines, the events, everything. Barney’s lines are my favorite part of this show and his relationship with the boys, Ted and Marshall. Their friendship is one of a kind. Every character has its own story, you will love them and you will understand them at a whole different level.

There is one episode when they all call their dads. Every time I see this episode, I feel something. Something that another show could never. The energy this show gives you is unique.  Even though I know how it ends, even though I know their stories, I still watch it with the same enthusiasm and I am still shocked in the end. The characters and the story itself will make you see things differently.

How I Met Your Mother taught me to live every moment like it’s the last one. To call my dad, or that important person in my life, to call that person and express my love because life is so short. To hang out with my friends and make it legendary. To suit up, it looks good. To not look for the one and instead, to be the one.

To not give up on love and that true love, never fails. To go for my dream and to fight for it. To trust people, to stop being that rough-tough because there are people in my life that really love me. Now, suit up! Go and watch it and make it legen….wait for it… dary! Legendary!


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