How drawing can greatly benefit one’s life


Have you ever had the blues and felt like you needed something to relieve yourself with? If the answer is yes, fear not because I have the best solution that can make you turn that frown upside down. Art, more specifically drawing. I’m going to present to you today some of the benefits that drawing can have on a person’s day to day life.

Drawing can help you expand your creativity:

Through drawing we challenge our own mind to come up with new and exciting concepts that can be put on paper. Most people prefer to portray their emotions on paper which can result in some really interesting and abstract artworks. Therefore they relieve their mind from stress and they also develop their artistic abilities at the same time.

Drawing can also help in the development of a child’s mind. According to a study conducted by Kids Country Inc, drawing is strongly recommended for children. They found out that it can develop concentration. It can also increase their individual confidence, it can improve their hand to eye coordination and so on.

Drawing can help you forget about stress:

Drawing has this magical ability of making every problem disappear. When we draw, we begin to create the framework of another universe, a universe of our own. We leave everything behind and we just enjoy ourselves in our newly created world. We all know how tiring life can be sometimes and what better way to release ourselves from life’s chains than with drawing?

Drawing can also have a huge impact on your memory:

That’s right, drawing can benefit even our memory. This means that drawing can even help people who suffer from Alzheimer and Dementia.

Back in 2018, researchers at the University of Waterloo conducted an interesting study.  They found out that drawing can be more eficient than writing when it comes to memory retention. The researchers asked younger and older individuals to do a “variety of memory-encoding techniques”. After performing those techniques, their memory was tested. The participants had the option to write, draw or list the attributes of each item. Out of all those three, drawing came out to be the most successful, especially in the case of older adults.

In conclusion, given those benefits presented above, drawing can be of great help for your life. It can help develop memory, combat stress and expand creativity.


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