How does perception influence us


I will answer this question through another one ( more plastic ). Why, if we would go through a desert thirsty, water would be our savior, our best friend. While some of us become irritated if it rains for days on end and we shield ourselves with umbrellas and raincoats from the villain that is water? How does perception influence us?

Well, simply put, because when we’re thirsty we perceive water as the biggest gift we could ever receive, and when rain postpones/ cancels our plans, we see it as a source of cold, as something harmful and annoying…

Because we’re not thirsty…Everything is tied to sentiments, needs, and aspirations. What some see as a blessing is a catastrophe for others, and vice versa. Londoners have familiarised themselves with the rain ( sometimes they get enough of it). This wet weather is rarely visiting the people living on the Equator and they wait for it as they wait for Santa Claus.

So, how does perception influence us?

I read some time ago a citation “ The perception of beauty is a morality test”. And yes, I agreed with this affirmation, because the banality of others is another one’s ecstasy. Everything spins around perception because objects, actions, events and, generally, notions are neutral, monochromatic. We color them with the paintbrush that is a perception in cold or warm colors, sometimes involuntarily. Living evidence of this affirmation is critics, any kind. They show off the painting as they colored it themselves. You have the liberty to take the canvas if you don’t like it( literary writing, painting, musical area). You can do it on which shapes are exclusively drawn and… color it. Your painting will probably another appearance entirely and it’s normal because diversity arouses controversies, controversies give birth to discussions and arguments that, more often than not lead to good conclusions.

The color nuances will always make the difference because from perceiving a thing beautifully to seeing it as ugly is just an unstable bridge that is always shaking.

The plank of experience is often unequal. One of the beliefs is colored differently and that of aspirations is sealed with more or fewer nails…And… what do you know? These unbalance it.

We now wonder, probably, if there is a difference between taste and perception… Ok, I formulated my opinion, I will share it with you! Yes, there is an absolutely visible difference. Which? Well, while taste is a bunch of sketches, perception represents the final work. Taste is the moment’s sensation, the superficial opinion, generated by analyzers. And perception is the profound opinion, that goes through the interior filter and distances itself from that “I adore it” addressed to a dress from a store’s window…

If you’re still not satisfied with my answer, I suggest you to read this article. I think you will like it.


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